Fresh Fire in Moreno Valley, California...8-21-2011

responding to God
Pastor Mejia

This quick report is from Moreno Valley California. This is one of the churches I get to visit about every 18 months. The saints here are faithful and fruitful, year after year they labor to see increase in their church. God always responds to hearts that are tender and open to his purpose. This revival was proof that God hears prayer and blesses our efforts.

We had a very great revival. I preached five services along with Sunday school, and each night people came forward to receive Jesus. I saw God touching folks very personally and powerfully. One sister sent me a message that she committed to quit smoking. Another guy was so touched by the Holy Spirit, that he was still wiping his eyes after the service ended. The altars were full in response to the messages preached. It was a joy.

I saw many folks taking notes during the preaching, a great sign in this generation. Something good is taking place in this congregation. Thank God for the dedication of the Mejiia's. Lets all pray for this church and this area of California.
Just like God said
Praise team
Mrs & Mrs Mejia..Pastors
people saved each night
loving the word of God

God Uses People Who are Not Perfect

Someone sent me this. I'm not sure of its origin. I found a good picture to add to it, its worth spreading around because its TRUE. Be encouraged and encourage someone else with it.

Jacob was a cheater, Peter had a temper, David had an affair, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul was a murderer, Gideon was insecure, Miriam was a gossiper, Martha was a worrier, Thomas was a doubter, Sara was impatient, Elijah was moody, Moses stuttered, Zaccheus was short, Abraham was old, and Lazarus was dead...Now what’s your excuse? Can God use you or not? God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED.

San Diego, California...15 August 2011

flag changover
flag procession thru the airport
praying for help
men of God in San Diego
San Diego is without doubt one of the nicest cities in the United States. Its location and climate, draws many visitors each year. Because we have a church planted here, God is also drawing souls to here, not for vacation, but for salvation. Because of building limitations, I only preached four services, but it was a joy seeing what God did. 

On my flight into San Diego, the plane I was on was carrying the U.S. Honor Flag. Its the U.S. Flag the flew over the world trade center in New York after the 9-11 terror attacks. This flag goes around the U.S. for special events of Honor. The flag was on the NASA space shuttle for its final mission last month. It was coming to San Diego for a special memorial. Our arrival gate was gate 27, and from there the pilot presented the flag to a police honor guard in a moving ceremony, before they marched through the airport. I was blessed to be there.

From the photos you can see the congregation in San Diego were excited, full of worship, and rejoicing in Gods goodness. I saw quite a few pastors from the local area present. Its so good seeing hungry hearts wanting more of God. Pray for the congregation in San Diego, they are working on getting a new building.
help us Holy Spirit
time to worship
Pastor Orosco and sis Rosie
Only Jesus..No other
enter his presence with singing
ready to obey

OH CANADA: God's Time!

Sis Mary, and two faithfuls, Mississuaga
Mississuaga, 3 responded
I always enjoy visiting Canada to preach. The people have always been some of the most receptive, and responsive. This trip was no different, the saints were excited, God moved, and we were uplifted. I preached in three different churches on this trip; Scarborough, North York, and Mississuaga. All of these areas are mixed culture areas. Many Asians in Scarborough, lots of West Indians in North York,  and a great mix of many in Mississuaga along with a large portion of Indians. God has brought the world here to hear the good news of Christ. What a great place to preach, and eat good food from around the world. The congregations in Scarborough and North York and baby churches launched by Pastor Webb. Both are doing well and growing.

During the Sunday morning service in Mississuaga, there was a wedding. It was the second time this year I started a revival during a wedding. Three visitors came forward to receive Jesus. I told Pastor Webb, I felt something different on this trip. God is answering years of prayers, and we're seeing a real work of the Spirit in Canada. The Webb's were launched out of Tucson the same year My wife and I were launched into Jamaica. All of us in Tucson feel a real connection to the congregations in Canada, and we thank God for their labors. What a great fellowship God is building in Canada
Mississuaga Sunday AM Wedding
Mississuaga Sunday AM Wedding
Mississuaga Pastor Webb
Victoria..Jammin, North York
North York
North York
salvation, North York
Pastor Rodney, North York
Scarborough JOY
Pastors..Scarborough; Clyde & Denise


Which of these images represent a real man. One picture is a group of christian soldiers from an infantry division, praying before a mission. The other is a couch potato brother with chips a coke and a remote control. One picture commands respect, the other cries shame.

Jesus in Matt 7:13-14, said "Enter the narrow gate". Christ explained that the broad way is easy and many follow the easy way into ruin.  He also said "the narrow way was difficult". Its so human to want what is easy, but Jesus taught that this frame of mind leads to destruction. Real spirituality chooses the narrow road and serves God.

Judge for yourself, which is harder:

1. Watching two hours of T.V. (or)  Reading two hours of the Bible
2. Sleeping until 10:00am (or) Getting up at 5:00am to go to work
3. Cursing your wife when she upsets you (or) bearing the hurt, forgiving her, and blessing her
4. Spending on credit, getting stuff, and suffering later (or) Living within your means, deny self, & save
5. Backslide when things are hard, and complain (or) Hang tough, trust God, and endure hardness
6. Spend money on sporting events with friends (or) Take family to church and give to God
7. Playing for two hours (or) Praying for two hours
8. Following the world (or) Following God
9. Living with doubt (or) Living by Faith

Jesus taught that, the harder choice is the one that connects us to the saving grace of God. It fulfills, gives meaning, establishes honor,  develops character, and leads us into everlasting life. REAL MEN SERVE GOD. Which photo best demonstrates your life?

Lazy pleasure seeking mama's boy
Christian Infantry-Men