The Golden Rule

One of the most known and quoted verses in the bible is Luke 6:31, its known as THE GOLDEN RULE. Jesus says, "as you want men to do unto you, do the same to them". The popular version says, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Jesus is so wise. If we could all follow this one rule of God, the world would change overnight. The words are so powerful, that even the secular world acknowledges this truth.

If you want help, then don't deny help to someone in need. If you want love, then show love to others. If you wish to be spoken to with respect, then speak respectfully to others. And most importantly, if you want mercy in your time of failure, then show mercy to someone in their time of failure. Its not at all hard to understand this, its just not always within our nature to do it. The pharisees in the bible loved the law of God so much, that they defended it, even at the expense of people. They didn't appreciate this Golden Rule. Rebuke and judgement are all proper when used with gospel hope as as end. But without restoration as a goal, the bible says, "the letter of the law killeth".

I like how Jesus taught this lesson of the Golden Rule. He never gives us permission to overlook or compromise the sin issue, but he asks us to consider ourself. In 1 Cor 10:12, scripture says, "whoever thinks he standeth, take heed lest you fall", and then in Gal 6:1, it says "if someone is caught in a sin, restore him...lest you also be tempted". Christ asks us to use ourself as a guide for deciding how we deal with others. Remember this; Sin is deceptive. Sin can make us proud and judgemental, but it can also make of foul and disgusting. We should rejoice and be grateful when we walk in victory, but remember things could change quickly. When others need a word of encouragement, rememeber it might be you that needs the encouragement in the future. Because we all have sinned, we are all in a sense, on the same team. Our duty must be to help each other up, and push each other higher. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. This is christianity. Jesus is just so good, Aint He?

History Reminder

World history & the bible share common purpose. Both record unchangable events to teach & give us wisdom for the future. ROM 15:4 in the bible says, "things written before, were written for our learning". Changing & ignoring history is social & spiritual suicide.

If we don't learn from history, we're destined to repeat it. Humans hearts are the same in all generations, sinful & needing God. Unfortunately, it looks like we're learning from history & the bible, that we've learned nothing from history & the bible. Look back & learn, look up and believe.

Scenes from Atlanta Georgia 6-2012

A mixed congregation of ages, nationalities, and colors
Happy pastor means a happy church
Right before Tucson Conference, I stopped in Atlanta Georgia for a few services with Ps James. It was a refreshing time, God visited and touched his people. 
This is family time
Red, white, and blue flowers..USA
A personal encounter with Jesus
I like this picture...
God came in, we just let Him move

Father Ministry

It's humbling to think that God allows men to share his unique title "Father". That alone should make fathers day special. Fatherhood is the extension of Gods love, care, mercy & forgiveness to our children. Fathers day reminds us of our great duty.

The prodical son story really is the revelation of the fathers pain, patience, prayer & persistence to save his child. That's fatherhood.Fathers today must follow this example of the fathers care. Be strong & remember, children & adults both need their father.

Hope of Nations

Prov 14:34, "righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach.." God holds the future if the nations in his hands. How nations respond to God determines their rise or fall & effects the economy, morals, and overall national health. If a nation promotes what God condemns, that National sin backfires, brings reproach, and unravels the countries stability.

The hope of nations is not its democracy or its politics. The hope of nations is its churches shining the light of the gospel. The hope of nations is salvation of individuals, and a revival of Godliness based on Gods word. God created the nations for his purpose, and is not willing that any perish. National judgement is not Gods plan, its the inevitable course of unrepentant nations....from my conference message on Tueday night....

Norwich Retreat..Leicester Revival

I ended this U.K. trip in Coventry for a couples retreat, sponsored by the Norwich church, and 3 services in Leicester. The retreat in Coventry was outstanding. The Village Hotel did one of the finest jobs hosting I've ever seen. The seminars were filled with joy and conviction. One of the husbands said to me after the services, "you just don't know, this retreat has saved us as a couple". Thats what God can do in just a few services, when he is allowed access to our hearts.
Ps Brick, praying for couples
Couples retreat, 60 couples attended
Hosts, Ps Paul & Penny Boddy
I always enjoy Leicester. Ps Brick is a joyful pastor, and that has shaped the attitude of his congregation. The folks is Leicester sing with such passion. The worship, and the special music was enough to lift anyone out of depression. Altars were filled with hungry saints seeking Gods help and direction. After Service we had a big fellowship with fine international cuisine. The church is growing spiritually as well as numerically. Its always good to revisit a church and see the happy faces of new believers. God is moving in Leicester.
Leicester congregation
great praise service
Jesus people
They were loving the word
Young Brick, rappin with the choir
They brought it down for Jesus


In scripture John 8:34 speaks of being a slave of sin. This slavery is not physical by chains & shackles, but mental & spiritual by deception. It's enjoying what God hates, watching it ruin your life & soul, and not being able to change.

Slavery can't be defeated until its acknowledged. Debt & materialism can be slavery to covetousness. Imorality is slavery to lust. Many are slaves to bitterness, anger & substance addiction. BUT, Gospel light exposes bondage, and Gospel grace breaks the chains. Jesus Saves!!!


The first stop on this two week trip to England was the city of Northampton. As you can see many youth attended the services. I was so blessed to be able to preach the gospel to such on fire, hungry young people. I was also happy seeing young couples married and building their life Gods way. Many visitors came, and many souls were saved. Pastor Phil is moving the church forward in Gods plan for these last days. We had visitors for the services from the baby church in Wellingboro as well. It was an exciting time, and a fruitful revival.
Packed house Thursday night
Prayer above all
outstanding choir
time for the word
hearts touched
happy saints
Mr & Mrs Azile, Pastors
Harrow is a beautiful area in Middlesex. Pastor Henry pioneered the church from nothing, and has built an exciting, vibrant congregation. The average age of the members seems to be between 15-25. Many of the people I spoke to are still students. This is a powerful testimony for Christ, to see so many young students filled with the Holy Ghost. Each night when I gave the invitation, numbers of visitors came and received Jesus. God is moving in these churches. Ps Henry demonstrates what the christian world needs, families that will go into the world, and do a work for God.
Ps Harry, leading worship..Harrow
serious altar call...Harrow
Young men seeking God...Harrow
Ps & Mrs Henry...Harrow
Sisters in Harrow, pose for a greeting