Ruidoso, New Mexico

The last stop on this trip was in Ruidoso, New Mexico. A beautiful town in the hills north of Alamagordo. Pastor Billy Jones has labored  here for the last 8 years. The services were exciting, and filled with visitors from the surrounding area. We did two radio talk shows during the day, and many who heard us, came to the services. God saved souls, we prayed for victory and deliverance, and God moved.
Sis Juanita cooked for us
the prayer time was personal & powerful
visitors came and enjoyed Gods presence
These kids came from the nearby Apache reservation
Ruidoso church 
Attentive to the Word
Pastor Jones, leading in praise


Northern California..13 Days of REVIVAL

This trip was a 13 day sweep in Northern California. I preached revivals in Fairfield, San Mateo, and Sacramento. Each meeting had its own timely feel of visitation. In total 35 people responded to Jesus in these meetings. On the last night in Sacramento, we had a special service of appreciation for one of the brothers who was ill in the hospital. That night a large group from his family came out, and many answered the invitation to accept Jesus. The pastors in Northern California need our prayers. Its been a hard battle field, but as you see, Jesus is breaking through. Sunday morning in Fairfield was a pleasant sight, when the ladies wore pretty hats. The disciples in San Mateo really impressed me, watching them run things encouraged my belief, that Disciples are key to church building.
Sacramento...with a few of the area pastors  
Sacramento..Amazing move of God, 10 came to Jesus
Souls praying after accepting Jesus..Sacramento
Sacramento..Calling on God
praise team in Sacramento
San Mateo..special music
San Mateo..during worship
San Mateo...Clarrissa.."getting her praise on"
Jordan..exorting the saints..San Mateo
The Hat Posse of Fairfield..Sunday morning
breakthrough at the altar..Fairfield
responding to the word...Fairfield
 a family seeks Jesus..Fairfield
Ready to praise God..Fairfield
Bow Tie, Kyle's secret praise weapon...Fairfield

A Cross speaks

This photo was taken in the rubble when the world trade centers collapsed. Two steel beams found in the form of a cross. This week, Atheist & Civil liberty groups are suing to remove this cross from the WTC museum. Saying its offensive & has caused headaches to unbelieving patrons.

Gal 5:11 speaks of the "offence of the cross". It's an inner disturbance connected to this symbol, that reminds us that sin separates from God, sin requires judgement (either judgement on Jesus, or judgement before Gods throne) but Jesus forgives, saves, and brings peace through faith in Gods redemption. Satan has been lobbying to remove crosses all across America, attempting to erase the memory of What God has done for us, yet God out of the rubble reminds us, Jesus is our hope.

Removing & outlawing crosses won't silence God. Pretending Jesus didn't die, doesn't lessen its reality. Destroying the cross can't reduce its power, but bowing at the cross can remove guilt, and wash away our sins.


Someone messaged me seeking prayer saying "my life is going nowhere". Reminds me of Isreal leaving Egypt. Disobedience & idolatry caused 40 years of wondering, only to end up on a road to nowhere.

Sin promises much, but leads nowhere. Adul...
tery & immorality ends bad, crime ends bad, bitterness ends bad, addiction ends bad and greed & covetousness ends bad. It's all a road to nowhere.

In John 10:10, Jesus "comes to give life". Existence is what animals have, alive but not purpose. Jesus gives life purpose. Time on earth is to short to work, invest & struggle, and end up nowhere. Live for God

A REAL CHAMPION...11 Aug 2012


I've expanded and rearranged this popular quote, to convey the gospel message. "your thoughts come from what you BELIEVE, values come from your thoughts, words come from values, actions come from words, habits come from actions, character comes from habits, destiny comes from character & your destiny is the total of your life. The bible says it like this Prov 23:7, "as he thinks, so is he". Everything begins with WHAT YOU BELIEVE SHAPING YOUR THOUGHTS.

Four things form our beliefs: How we're raised, how we're educated, how we're entertained & who our friends are. The people behind these; parents, teachers, friends, and writers & producers, can sway a life. Irresponsible parents, atheist teachers, evil friends and greedy/lustful entertainers, think wrong & hurt society.

It looks hopeless, but "rethink" is possible, its called repentance. Scripture says, "believe on the lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved". Believing the bible starts a new thought process toward a new destiny. Believing the wrong thing started the problem & believing the right thing fixes it.


The final stop on this U.K. trip was Croydon. The churches pastor is Clement Okusi. The Croydon congregation is full of excited youth pressing on for Jesus. I really enjoy preaching to this group, they are vocal and passionate for the things of God. Visitors came each night, and many responded to the invitation to receive Jesus as savior.
New building in Croydon
altars full every night
Great meal after revival

Rotherhithe, South London..7-2012

church banquet
 Barbara and I had a great time in London. Ps Ajala and his wife Emine had us in for a revival and banquet to celebrate the churches 25th anniversary. The revival was a time of blessing for the saints, and the banquet was a time of reflection and joy over all God has done.
Barbara & Emine 

revival was really good

many were ministered to at revival
 Right after the revival, we travelled to Bournemouth for a couples retreat over the weekend. Couples came from as far away as Liverpool. The conference suite was packed with couples seeking to strengthen their marriages. God moved, and many left changed and encouraged.
marriage retreat

pa Ajala welcomes the couples

4 sessions with the couples

couples praying to keep their covenants

Choose Life Carefully