Fresh Fire in Moreno Valley, California...8-21-2011

responding to God
Pastor Mejia

This quick report is from Moreno Valley California. This is one of the churches I get to visit about every 18 months. The saints here are faithful and fruitful, year after year they labor to see increase in their church. God always responds to hearts that are tender and open to his purpose. This revival was proof that God hears prayer and blesses our efforts.

We had a very great revival. I preached five services along with Sunday school, and each night people came forward to receive Jesus. I saw God touching folks very personally and powerfully. One sister sent me a message that she committed to quit smoking. Another guy was so touched by the Holy Spirit, that he was still wiping his eyes after the service ended. The altars were full in response to the messages preached. It was a joy.

I saw many folks taking notes during the preaching, a great sign in this generation. Something good is taking place in this congregation. Thank God for the dedication of the Mejiia's. Lets all pray for this church and this area of California.
Just like God said
Praise team
Mrs & Mrs Mejia..Pastors
people saved each night
loving the word of God