God Moving in Namibia...11-2011

First service in Swakopmund, 117 people saved
One of the unknown jewels of the African continent is the Nation of Namibia. Steve and Shirley Anderson Pioneered the church here years ago. Namibia gets its name from the Huge beautiful Namib desert along the western coast. As I arrived into Namibia, We drove to Swakopmund along the coast for a one night revival. With little preparation, about 150 visitors came and 117 answered the altar call for salvation. The altar was so packed, there was no room to move. God showed his power in that service. The next two days we held seminars for the pastors and their wives, to refresh and encourage them in the ministry.
Namibian Pastors and wives
Sunday Morning in Windhoek
Namib Desert
Saints giving praises
The revival in the Windhoek church was launched Sunday thru Thursday, it was good, I mean real good. Visitors and backsliders were drawn by the love of Jesus. Each altar call saw people come forward and profess Jesus as Lord. The saints in Windhoek know how to invite Gods presence into a service. One night during the worship they sang "hallelujah" so wonderfully, I was moved. I actually filmed them singing and posted it on YouTube under "Marty Carnegie in Windhoek". The congregation responded so powerfully to the preaching, I knew it was the timing of God. In total over 450 people answered invitations to Christ  on this trip to South Africa and Namibia.
Excitement on the last night of Revival
Pastor Setson & Mary
I was so surprised one evening as I walked out of the church and saw peopled lined up outside waiting for a seat. So many were coming, the ushers had to hold people up until they could set up chairs and then let them file in. God is moving in Windhoek. The Ajala's did a great job building on the pioneer foundation and establishing this church. Today under Pastor Setson's leadership they are building their own church, scheduled to open sometime next year.
Namibian Flag
After lining up for a seat, people enter church

Revival in Beautiful South Africa..11-2011

street outreach, praying for two ladies
Faces of South Africa
My two week Africa trip began in Cape Town, South Africa. Its is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in the world. Located right at the tip of the African continent, the next stop south is Antarctica. I preached 7 services here; a marriage class, a mens class, and 5 revival services. I was shocked at Sunday mornings altar call when so many came forward for salvation. I knew God had planned to move. The hunger for God was so real. The worship, the responses, the singing was all so powerful. 
Ps Bobby and his group singing
Time to Worship
The folks at the church were so into revival. Ps Bobby kept speaking about people bringing their friends and family. Many were saved. I met people who remembered me from my visit 11 years ago, some even came and told me they got saved in that previous meeting. It was a joy. I went on Outreach with the church on Saturday and got to pray with people on the streets. During the mens class I met a few of the other local pastors, wonderful men with great vision for God. The same is true of the marriage class, many from other local congregations came and were blessed.
Attention to Gods Word
Altar call at the mens class
Lovely Capetown
Many needs, lots of prayer
South Africa is a nation going through so many changes, after years of racial struggle. Political struggles, moral and traditional struggles as well. Many evil spirits are working through this time of struggle. The Holy Spirit addressed many of these issues during the revival, and we saw a great breakthrough. Keep the nation is prayer. Our workers in South Africa are fighting and winning a great spiritual war.
congregation in Guguletu
Ps Bobby and Barbara
Fire fell on the final night
Ps Bobby took me to a place I remembered on my first trip to Cape Town 11 years ago. A restaurant that served Ostrich Kebabs. It was still there, and the Ostrich is still good. For a man who likes chicken, this is like one big chicken, glorious. I'm going back for more.
Ostrich Kebab..one big chicken..I was happy


David defeats Goliath
Got home from Alaska last night and woke up thinking of the goodness of God. All over the state of Alaska you see the beauty of Gods creation and  you feel humbled at his wisdom. I was reading about David's victory over Goliath and got a joyful revelation, "everything God does is not only good, but greater than anything man can do".

Goliath was professionally trained by man, yet he fell to a untrained shepherd boy. When God does something its always better than anything this world can do. Remember I Cor 1:27 in the New Testemant, it says: "God has chosen the foolish, to shame the wise, and the weak to shame the mighty. The scripture tells us that God deliberately brings down mans best,  to reveal his glory. It makes you look back an wonder.

Titanic sinking 15 April 1912
The Ark, Gods design
Remember the mighty ship Titanic. They said "it is so well built, not even God could sink it". Well it sank on its first and only voyage killing over 1500 people. The titanic was one of this worlds greatest achievements, yet it failed miserably. Compare the Titanic to Noah's Ark, which was built under instruction from God, by a simple man, with common materials, with no high tech tools. It survived a universal flood storm, and saved humanity. When God does something, its all good.

Solomon never attended one of our Ivy League universities, yet he was the wisest of all, because God gave him wisdom. We all must fight the temptation to love this world and its ways more than God. This sinful world though fancy, flashy, and seductive cannot give you more, or make you better than God can. So many smarter and richer have learned the hard way, what history and the bible makes clear. God is the creator, sustainer, and savior of humanity. Salvation is God's plan for humanity. It may seem strange that a man on a cross would have to die for our sins, but its God way. There is no other way of salvation.

Ephesians 2:8....For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of YOURSELF. It is the gift of GOD.  Not of works lest any man should boast...