A Special Outreach in Leicester City U.K.

While walking through the Leicester City Center in England today, I ran into this group of former Hindus, now born again Pentecostals. I stopped and listened as they preached, and powerfully testified about Jesus. It was very refreshing hearing the gospel preached by a group of people who once rejected the gospel.

I watched as the British public walked by. Many mocked, but many also stopped and listened as Christ was lifted up. Years ago England ruled India. The British brought India European culture, fine tea, and parliamentary government. Today, these Indian believers have come to call England back to the same faith, that they once introduced to India years ago. God has his witnesses all over the world faithfully declaring the hope of the gospel. Interesting, the east bringing the gospel to the west.

Time with Jesus...It's Important

Spiritual weakness & deficiency comes from a lack of time spent with God. Our life always becomes a replica of how & where we spend our time. We must resist distractions & diversions.Jesus disciples were identified as those who had "been with Jesus".

If we don't make time for God, nothing we do in life, can be identified as coming from Him. Evaluate life regularly, if its not showing marks of Christ, spend less time where you've been, and spend more time in Gods presence.

Salt Lake Valley..Burning in the Holy Spirit

With Marcus and Rob Scribner III
These are photos from the revival meeeting in West Jordan Utah. With Josh and Kathy Scribner
an excited congregation
Pastor Josh and Kathy
Every service had its own special anointing. The entire week was a visitation from God
Getting saved
Lots of deliverance taking place
Great worship, souls saved, people healed, families delivered, minds set free by the Holy Spirit.
Such a presence, saints could hardly stand
Great attendance, many visitors
Its been a long time since I've heard weeping on the altar, like a heard during these services
Music was great 


I've tried to make San Diego a regular part of my schedule in the States. We have quite a number of churches in the area, and each visit blesses me. The Orosco's are doing a really fine job in South San Diego. Right away when I arrived, a few new people introduced themself, expecting to hear from God. All of the services had that old time revival feeling. Nothing fancy, just praises to Jesus, preaching, and praying the Devil off of peoples lives. God brought all of us under conviction during the services. Real power is not just miracles, but when God breaks through, and changes a life around.  Pastor Orosco kept saying each night, that God brought a word in season. No one but God can know where each person is, and bring a message that can speak to everyone at the same time. Every time I asked, "who wants to know Jesus", hands went up and souls got saved. It was also good having a few of the area pastors come for fellowship. Really good things are going on in San Diego.
Pastor & Mrs Orosco
Full house for Revival
lifting up Jesus
Special music, was special indeed
touching God, on the altar
Take that..Devil
Praise time


In John 8:32, Jesus said "truth will set you free". This verse explains social & spiritual bondage. We live in a world of lies. Lies about God, the bible, love, and the consequences of sin, have society trapped.

As long as we believe lies, life seems normal. But when truth is discovered, we break free. It's not lies that ruin relationships, its the discovery of the truth. Bible truth reveals lies & liberates humanity. Love truth, face truth & receive truth. It hurts, but it heals.