Manchester U.K.....Still winning souls...May 2011

Pastor Kosi and Michelle..
worship team, ready...
Second stop on this trip was into Manchester, It is officially England's 2nd city. Manchester is also football country. Home to two of England's premier teams; CITY & UNITED. God has been building his church here since the early days when Jay and Cheryl Nembhard pioneered here. It's always a treat for me to be in Manchester and see the faithful from years ago still winning souls. 

Some of the others churches from as far as the Midlands came to join in the revival. I was moved by all of the young men who came. This church now has 3 of its own baby churches in; Bolton, Preston, and Stockport. All of these brought converts to the services to be blessed and to be a blessing. All throughout the weekend I heard good reports of grace touching peoples lives. God has blessed us that we could be a part of his great harvest. Many more hungry souls in Manchester, keep praying.
came up asking God for a fresh touch
souls saved, hearts made right
this church always loves the Woed
glad to be saved
serious about the presence of God

God is real...Testimony of Jazwinder Kaur

Jaswinder (JAZ) Kaur
Jaz has been attending our church in Manchester for some months. Jaz is Indian, from a Sikh background. She had a powerful encounter with Jesus, that resulted in her coming to Christ. I met her during the revival, and asked her to write out her testimony for me. Her story is quite long, but the miracle she received is mighty.

She told me, that due to pressures and personal issues she was  "in so much darkness" She goes on to say, I wanted to die, and tried to kill myself so many times. I was 15 years old, felt so alone, and depressed. I went to the roof of our flat and jumped off. I just didn't think about it or look down.

Jaz said to me that a member of her family who had gotten saved would always share Jesus with her, but she wouldn't believe the gospel. The day she jumped off the roof she told me, "I  saw a big shining cross, and felt the hands of Jesus break the fall and gently set me down". I wasn't dead, I had no pain or broken bones, not one cut or bruise, or blood anywhere. I knew it was Jesus and he was real. That day I found my best friend and my saviour, the hope of my life. I know he saved me so I can share his word. Today Jaz is saved, married and has 3 sons. I asked what message she has for anyone reading this testimony. She said simply, "that everyone would see the light of the living God".

Wandsworth, South London..Jubilee May 2011

Bro Owen, leading in worship
This is Tooting, an area of Wandsworth in South London. It was my first stop on a  two week trip. I was searching for the right words to describe the atmosphere during the revival, I thought of Jubilee. There was joy, and freedom during the meetings. The saints here were so excited, and expectant. This kind of faith always brings the hand of God and rivers of mercy. Many were saved. I was so excited to preach, I didn't get all the photos I wanted to. I knew the church worked hard before the revival because so many visitors came. I met and prayed for a lot of youth, teens between 16-20 yrs old.  Courtney and Frances  are doing an outstanding job pastoring this congregation. There is fruit here that will remain. Wandsworth is no longer a forgotten area of the city, but a revival center
outbreak of joy in worship
These girls can pray
Ps and Mrs Lowe
they were like hungry students..wanting the Word....
Into it..
Praying down the power
she made me a personalized handkerchief..such a blessing
everybody came ready

RASTA Impersonation for Children's Church.."preachin dread"

church youth getting the gospel
I was invited to minister for the children's church this past week. Each year the youth are presented an offering challenge. This year its a Jamaica challenge for world evangelism. So I put on the dreadlocks, spoke a little patios, took the offering, and explained a bit about Jamaica and the need there. We shared a few pictures of the island, some of the kids there, and spoke to Pastor Jordan on the phone. Its always fun to help out with the youth. My wife (Barbara) didn't do to bad making the locks out of black yarn.
"Marty Marley" for the day..
Illustrating to the Kids

Houston Texas..Joy, Joy, Joy; 7 May 2011

This revival was in America's 4th largest City; Houston Texas. The six services were filled with excitement, joy, and victory in the Holy Spirit. This is a church that was originally launched out of Tucson, Pioneered by Richard Rubi. God is building a good church in Houston, quite a number of international folks in the congregation. Pastor Rod mentioned a couple of times during the meetings that new faces were coming in. The excitement of the saints drew visitors nightly. The altars were packed each evening as people prayed to break free of baggage and renew their relationships with God. This revival felt like a revival. One of the nights Bro Lamont Melrose got up to take an offering, that night we got two sermons, he preached the offering with power. There was an anointing on the worship, the prayers, the special music, the altar calls, and everything else. On the night we prayed for healing, eleven people responded instantly, saying they felt God's power touch their body. It was truly a time of refreshing. Pastor Rod also introduced me to Pappas BBQ, I'm now a fan for life. The pastors in Houston are claiming it for the gospel, pray them up.
Bro John.."man on fire"
taking the challenge..excellance..
Pastor Rod and family
Christ must be lifted up
young men..seeking God
bible says.."sing"
3 brothers, 2 sisters, adopted me in!!!!
filled with the Holy Ghost
services were full..lots of visitors

The Way Has Already Been Made

Recorded in Mark 16: 2-5 is a great little portion of the Easter story. Its says that the two Marys and Salome came early on Easter morning to anoint the body of Jesus. In verse 3 they ask the question "who will roll away the stone...for us?" The next verse says, as they approach the tomb, they saw that the stone was already rolled away. An angel of God had come, and moved it beforehand.

They assumed a problem before one exsisted. God knew they were on the way, and had already provided for them. Imagine the unnecessary torment and worry they had thinking they couldn't get the stone removed. Here is a good lesson to remember from Easter. Don't imagine problems that don't exsist, and when problems do arise, know that God sees before we do, and always make a way. Don't God.

Silver City, New Mexico...30 April 2011...

Downtown, Silver City
faithful saints
After a change in my schedule, I preached for 5 services in The great southwest town of Silver City, New Mexico. Silver City is a beautiful mountain town filled with history. The church was pioneered by Larry Beauregard in the early days of church planting, and is currently pastored by Andrew Zamora.

I was so blessed by the display of faithfulness I saw in Silver City. Night after night, the saints and their families came to hear from god and be touched by the Spirit. As we gathered for prayer each morning, I was so moved to see not just the youth, but the older saints up early seeking God. Ms Caroline is 85 years old, she was there each morning at 7:00am asking God to move in the city.  Visitors came, souls got saved, people were healed, and God glorified his name. Its always good to see people lifting up Christ after years of service. The church is moving, following on in the spirit of their beloved former Pastor Jesus Vizzerra who went home to glory last year. We all felt a fresh wind of grace visiting the church here. God's promises are still unfolding here.
Ps Andrew..pumping them up for revival
coming to Jesus
Ms Caroline..everyone's mother
Michelle Ryan...made us the best Green Chili 
Pastor Andrew and Edna Zamora
from Nigeria
touched by the Holy Spirit
praying.."I need you more Jesus"