OH CANADA: God's Time!

Sis Mary, and two faithfuls, Mississuaga
Mississuaga, 3 responded
I always enjoy visiting Canada to preach. The people have always been some of the most receptive, and responsive. This trip was no different, the saints were excited, God moved, and we were uplifted. I preached in three different churches on this trip; Scarborough, North York, and Mississuaga. All of these areas are mixed culture areas. Many Asians in Scarborough, lots of West Indians in North York,  and a great mix of many in Mississuaga along with a large portion of Indians. God has brought the world here to hear the good news of Christ. What a great place to preach, and eat good food from around the world. The congregations in Scarborough and North York and baby churches launched by Pastor Webb. Both are doing well and growing.

During the Sunday morning service in Mississuaga, there was a wedding. It was the second time this year I started a revival during a wedding. Three visitors came forward to receive Jesus. I told Pastor Webb, I felt something different on this trip. God is answering years of prayers, and we're seeing a real work of the Spirit in Canada. The Webb's were launched out of Tucson the same year My wife and I were launched into Jamaica. All of us in Tucson feel a real connection to the congregations in Canada, and we thank God for their labors. What a great fellowship God is building in Canada
Mississuaga Sunday AM Wedding
Mississuaga Sunday AM Wedding
Mississuaga Pastor Webb
Victoria..Jammin, North York
North York
North York
salvation, North York
Pastor Rodney, North York
Scarborough JOY
Pastors..Scarborough; Clyde & Denise