When Jesus first called his disciples, he said "FOLLOW ME". We are always feeling something that challenges this call. I had a long talk with a man this week, who followed his feelings and got his life off track. Now his hurt, anger, and bitterness want to carry him even further from Gods will.

Its popular to hear people say "follow your heart", but its bad advice. Our heart can be deceived. We must follow Jesus and his unchanging word. Emotions always make bad choices. Happy people make foolish promises, and angry people make bad decisions. Read the word, be anchored, be strong, follow the voice of God, and even if you mess up, God will make sure things come out right.

EXCELLENT Revival in Yuma AZ, 4-26-2012

with each altar call, many came for prayer
Finished an outstanding week of meetings with Pastor Joe Zeable, in Yuma Arizona.
the testimonies were powerful of people getting touched
personal time with God, so refreshing
There were sinners saved every night, backsliders coming home, and saints re-establishing their faith.
at least 4 or 5 received salvation each evening
great praise
great worship team in Yuma
Gods church on fire, in Yuma

Weslaco Texas..Pure Holy Ghost

Aida Ramos..See the testimony page..Amazing
Sunday service
This is the church in Weslaco Texas. Weslaco is close to the U.S. border with Mexico, in the Rio Grande Valley. I preached here about six years ago, but its a different church today, a congregation having revival. Pastor Conrad mentioned to me that all of the services were well attended, some of the nights, the building was packed out. There were so many visitors, we couldn't keep a clear count. We estimated over 50 people responded for salvation in the 5 nights of revival.
church was full each night
Many souls, coming to Jesus
Praising God for healing
This precious lady Norma, and her two daughters came all week, kept answering the altar call, rejoicing in Gods goodness. One gentleman came and received Jesus, came back with his wife the following night and she received Jesus. This is what God can do, when hearts are open to him. I heard many reports of drugs, crime, violence, and other wicked activity around Weslaco, but God in a few days showed his grace and power to save.
Norma, with abbey and Amanda..saved
deliverance from mind battles
men yielding to God
This was my second trip to the Valley this year. Back in February I was in McAllen Texas, which is just 20 minutes away. Something real is happening in this area of the country. Where Satan rages and intimidates people, God always raises up a church, to reveal the glory of God. We saw the glory in Weslaco this week. I've posted on the testimony page of this blog, a testimony from Aida Ramos. God powerfully saved and set her free. She tells the story in her own words. Check out her testimony, you'll see that there is no one, no matter how bound, that God can't reach and lift out of hells bondage.
a church on fire
plenty of young ones learning about God
Pastor & Mrs Murillo, 

Athens Georgia..Bulldog Country..Revival

There always seems to be something about the state of Georgia. I used to hear those songs about Georgia years ago, "rainy night in Georgia", "Georgia on my mind", and the classic, "midnight train to Georgia". People might wonder, what is it about Georgia, well I saw it last week. God is moving in Georgia. Our meetings in Athens were truly refreshing. The church is alive, the saints are hospitable, and the food is good. Pastor Gene had a mens class on Saturday night, and it looked like about 50 plus men came. Its was also good to see the number of visiting men who gave their lives to Jesus. Night after night we saw visitors to the services, as well as a few old timers from years ago, stop in. 
Ps Gene, leading in prayer
caught him bible reading each night before service
full attendance nightly
Brother Patrick lined up an interview with a local radio station. Ps Gene and I had time to share the gospel over the radio, and invite the entire city to the services. Before we left the station, a lady spoke to us who was listening in her car, and got the address, and said, "i'm coming tonight". It was a week of Gods favor. The church is seeing a fresh group of students from the university starting to attend services. One evening an entire row was full of UGA students, hungry for God. Ps Gene said, this hasn't happened for over 20 years. Georgia is truly on Gods heart. Pray for the church in Athens that God would help them to purchase a building they are working on. 
we're ready, lets praise Jesus
Ps Gene and Cheryl LaValley
getting saved at the mens class
Lively services, God with us
mens discipleship class, Saturday night
Patrick..this brother got the'll get on you

On the very first Good Friday 2000 yrs ago, Jesus said.."it is finished". Whatever he was working on, he completed it that day. Just like a championship sports game, once its over, its done, and the results are placed into the history books. It can't be replayed, or disputed, ITS FINISHED.

God's battle with Satan for the souls of is finished. The guilt of our sins that bring is finished. The power of our past to enslave is finished. Celebrate Salvation this Easter weekend, The enemy is defeated and we are SAVED.