The resurrected Life

When Jesus rose from the dead on the first Easter morning, it didn't take a lot of talk or debate to prove that He was alive. Resurrection is it's own best proof. When you see someone who was once dead, and now alive, what is there to discuss. During Easter we proclaim the resurrection of Jesus. Usually with singing, various forms of worship, and preaching. There is another great lesson for us in Jesus resurrected life. As His life spoke for itself, we must let our life also speak. A resurrected lifestyle is a great way to show the world the power of Jesus life. Those who were once dead in sin, now living a new life in Christ is powerful. Conversion is a great testimony, that something real has happened on the inside. When people see us change from darkness to light, it challenges them to consider resurrection. Our world is filled with failed programs and rehab attempts. So much of society wants to do better, but can't find the power to change. The Christian testimony of change is radical and real. Its a resurrected lifestyle. This Easter, we must proclaim it, and live it, so the real practical power of His resurrected life, can minister hope to our hopeless society, not just at Easter, but every day. We live, because He lives.