24-29 July; Wolverhampton, England

anointing during worship

pastor Jay and family

young men ushers

renouncing ghetto lies

Farell; showing earings he removed

all for Jesus

happy to be saved
The revival in Wolverhampton was special to me because it was one of the churches I planted out during the years Barb and I lived in England. Pastor Jay and Cheryl Nembhard were the first couple launched out of the South London Church years ago into Manchester. Its was good seeing many of the original converts to the church still serving God, now married with their families. I preached 7 services, and each one had a unique grace as Jesus was addressing issues and breaking chains of bondage. There was wonderful deliverance one evening as I preached about "Ghetto Lies". So many good folks get trapped by being loyal to false social ideas that keep them forever in Satan's grip. Two young converts a man and a woman came to show me how they had removed piercings from their body in response to God touching them. Some of the area churches came as well to help out and be blessed. I felt as if new hope had come to many during the revival. God showed me that he has not forgotten his people. No matter what mess we create, God can fix and heal. Many got saved on the final night, I preached about "when its right to be afraid".

Walthamstow Revival

Packed house in East London, a lady was set free from suicidal thoughts.