Backfire in Babylon... Tucson Conference Message; 16 June 2011

My conference message on Thursday night was "Backfire in Babylon". Daniel 3:26-30 tells how after the fiery furnace failed to kill the Hebrew boys, king Nebuchadnezzar was forced to acknowledge the one true God of Israel. The Kings plan was to Influence them toward Babylon, but in the end the Hebrew boys faith influenced him, his plan backfired.


1. As with the Hebrew boys, our call is to influence our generation
2. The battle they faced in Babylon was, who's going to influence who. Our battle today is a battle to see who will influence this generation. Jesus said "you are the salt of the earth". We can win the battle.
3. Its seems as if the powerful media world, entertainment industry, ungodly politicians, and unbelieving university teachers are winning. Nebuchadnezzar thought the same thing until a miracle happened and the backfire occured.
4. The gospel produces miracles; conversions, healings, deliverances, and signs, that forces the world to acknowledge Jesus, and whatever plan Satan had for people...Backfire
5. We don't have the worlds money or its platform..we have something greater, the miracle gospel
6. Preach the gospel, live the gospel. Stay on point, and God will do the rest for us. He did for the Hebrew boys, and influenced and a heathen King.

Springield/Chicopee MA.

Asking it again in Massachusetts
visitors from the Cape
The Gregory's..on the move
Chicopee MA, is a small city just outside of Springfield which is home to the national Basketball Hall of Fame.  Chicopee is a beautiful town and is home to one of our long time faithful churches.  I met a number of saints who have been with the church since its beginning, and are still pressing forward for Jesus. During the first service one of the men gave me a great testimony of being backslid for years. He's now back with Jesus, back in church and moving on for God. Its so exciting to see Satan loose one soul after ruining so many.  Most of the gracious comments made to me were about having the fire re-ignited in their soul. People get weary after years of faithful contending. The folks were truly revived.

I'm always used to being treated kindly during revivals, but the Beswick's really made me feel relaxed and welcome. Sister Nancy showed true southern hospitality, even though we were in the Northeast. The word of God was well received each evening, and the altars were full of hungry souls drawing closer to God. We had visitors to the revival from Troy, New York as well as from Cape Cod. 

We finished with a prayer for the church, and a new commissioning for the saints. Expect good things in Chicopee. Help us pray for God to shake the city, save the lost, and build again a center for his Spirit to reach across America's Northeast.
Pastor Jeff, praying for a move of God
establishing Gods presence
prayer for refreshing and renewal
pastor Jeff and Nancy Beswick
Young folks getting into Jesus

Keep Getting Up

When I saw this graphic, I was instantly inspired. Success really does come from many failures. This is not just a good business concept, its the bible. The book of Proverbs 24:16 says, "a just (righteous) man will fall seven times and will rise again. God says here that getting back up identifies the fallen as righteous. WOW. Thats not how most people see it. I'm sure that in todays world and even in todays church, if someone falls seven times, he would not be called a righteous person or a success. I'm almost 100% sure I've heard fallen ones called wicked or evil. Wicked is not what they are when they fall, its what they become when depression, criticism, gossip and branding convinces them that they can't get up.

Real success in secular life and in christianity is not a birth right, its a process. Be saved, love Jesus, read the bible, pray, and when you fall, get back up.  Don't live discouraged. Every time Jesus fell to the ground with that cross on his back, he kept getting up. He made it to Calvary, where he became the ultimate SUCCESS. Keep getting up!!

Glasgow Scotland; What a great Time...May 2011

first time visitors
Glasgow city center
Caledonian drummers
wanting more of Jesus
humbled hearts
The last time I was in Glasgow was about 10 years ago. A lot has changed in the church since then, a new facility in a new part of the city, lots of new faces, and a new pastor. Excitement was in the air from the first service.  The first lady to get saved came every service until the revival ended. Along with her were a number of other visitors who were greatly touched of God. We had some good testimonies during our night of prayer for healing.  Iain and Karen an engaged couple in the church set their wedding date for the Sunday of revival. I was so moved to see a young couple who wanted their special day to coincide with revival. It was a grand affair with formal dress and Kilts.  As Pastor Pete and I walked through the city of Glasgow, we could feel the Spirit of God wanting the church  to claim this place for Gods glory. The people are kind in Scotland, the culture is rich. I enjoyed good fellowship and good food. The Temples are happy to be in Scotland and have faith that God has given them this fine city. I've already set my plans to go back soon.
Iain & Karen..married Sunday morning during revival
The Wilkes came up
Scots..serious about the Kilt
Pastor Pete & Linda
getting saved
Only believe

Liverpool England..Best Response Ever; May 2011

discipleship..this is how its done Son...
Ellen & Clare
I've been visiting Liverpool since the early 1990's with Dave and Mariah Ford. This is the best response I've seen in Liverpool. We were so excited to see all the visitors coming to hear from God. I knew right at the first service God was doing something special. It seemed like more and more people kept coming as the revival went on. The two young ladies in the picture Shaadiqa and Danielle received Jesus and attended each service. You can tell be the smiles, they were happy to meet Jesus. One lady got up as I called for bowed heads, came right up and gave her life to Jesus. It was as if God had been preparing people for the revival. One gentleman sat on the front, looking into my eyes as I preached, at the altar call was the first to come for prayer. This was the kind of response we've prayed for in this city. Along with all the new development in the city, God is also doing a fresh work in the church. Liverpool is alive for Jesus. Many of the older saints in the church felt refreshed, and re-challenged. It was truly revival in the purist sense of the word. Lets pray this will spread, just like in days of old. God has shown he can do it.
With Ps Tim and Clare
God's presence was powerful
the real thing, responded right away
came every night..saved
church on fire