Jesus did miracles. He has power to heal, raise the dead, and supernaturaly provide food & control nature. So it's instructive that He prayed so much. The one who is the answer, felt the need to pray. Prayer is not just about getting things, it's establishing & maintaining a close relationship with God. Prayer says; I love you Lord, I need you, and though I have some abilities, I will trust you. Prayer keeps us in the right posture before God.

If the one who is the answer, sought answers in prayer, then surely we who need answers, can find answers in pray.


The message at church Wednesday was from Exodus 20:14 "thou shall not commit adultery". It's God mandate that we preserve & honor sexual purity in marriage. God designed human sexuality to be expressed ONLY in a lifelong, committed relationship, where children not inconvenient accidents & no exit clauses exist.

God is so loving, that He planned sex to bless us in the safest possible parameters. All who have ignored the masters design, have felt the hurt & rejection, the violation & abuse, and the regret & bitterness God's love & wisdom has sought to protect us from. Redemption is a reclaiming of whats been surrendered to Satan. Lets reclaim our sexual sanity. Accept, obey & follow our forgiver & redeemer..Jesus. It's NEVER too late.


One of Jesus great examples to us, is that of loving & serving those who were unlovely & unworthy. He did for them according to their need, not their actions or reactions. Christ's Spirit in us, wants us to grow into this same grace.

Pray daily that your kindness & service not be based on what others do or have done (reactionary). Strive to attach no conditions to your Christian duties (unconditional), so the hurting world can experience Christ through you.

A lot of people showed up last night to hear the gospel being preached. 10 came forward to receive salvation, and 28 others prayed with the team throughout the day. The hope of the gospel is reaching all corners of Metro Atlanta. The harvest is ripe & plentious. Pray for God to keep each one.

Praise Power

When you read the scriptures, you can't help but notice, how many times references are made to "praising the Lord". After awhile you realize its not just God wanting to hear noise, its part of what He created us to do. Praise frees the spirit and re-connects us to God in many ways. Praise allows us to overlook all the junk and problems in life, and keep us focused on our heavenly home. Praise is also an act of worship, that acknowledges God as maker, savior, provider, healer, and sustainer of all life. In all worship is a reset for the human soul, living in a world of sin, pain and often times hopelessness. Praise is life.

According to the bible, praise is something we choose. So often we choose to complain. I've thought about it, long and hard, and have come to the conclusion that; complaining has something dark and sinister in it. Its the very reverse of praise. Complaining turns our total focus to us. Its a self centered act, that ignores all that God does. Complaining is also a very ungrateful act. Its hard to thank God for what He's done, when we complain about everything. Complaining is a demonic setup for an eventual fall.

All those commands to "Praise God" in the bible mean something. Getting up and going to church, gives us a chance to reset our mind and remember, God is good. It also give us a chance to repent of all the sins in our life, that have turned us from God, and caused so much heartache. Remember to honor God this week, CHOOSE TO PRAISE, CHOOSE TO BE FREE.


I'm surprised how many times I've had trouble with an electric appliance, only to find out, it was not plugged into the wall socket. Many of you know the feeling when this happens. You feel silly, even embarrassed. I hate to admit it, but its taken a long time for me to finally learn, when its not working, CHECK THE OBVIOUS first. I look to see if its plugged in, and check if the volume is turned on. This seems so simple, but it fixes the problem at least 75% of the time.

How often is this the fix, when it come to spiritual things. Sadness, depression, anger, bitterness, hate, racism, violence, self harm and immorality, are just a few of the inner issues hurting people today. God didn't make us to live or feel this way. These are symptoms that something is wrong or missing down on the inside. Professionals and social workers have come up with many attempts to fix these, but very often these fix attempts fail. Counseling and Pills only brush the painful surface. I say, go back to the observation I made earlier, CHECK THE OBVIOUS. We are created by God to serve Him. If life disconnects us from God (our power source), we need to get plugged in. Here is a list of what's obvious, when it comes to spiritual life. Do you believe in God, do you believe the bible is Gods word, do you believe Jesus is the saviour of the world, have you accepted Gods forgiveness thru Jesus, have you repented from your sins, are you part of a bible based spirit filled church, are you doing your best to live a right life, being led by the Spirit. These are the ABC'S of how God made us to live and be.  Before you give up, run away, get on drugs, throw away your dignity or backslide, CHECK THE OBVIOUS. Simply plugging into God, can do wonders.
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To everyone who has been following my blog here, I am still blogging weekly at our churches blogsite. Please stay in touch. I am not posting so much here as I used to, but from time to time I will. Go to you can see my latest posts (Click the Atlanta Forgiven Icon..Top Leftside of this page) and keep up with whats happening at our church in Atlanta Georgia. God Bless

The resurrected Life

When Jesus rose from the dead on the first Easter morning, it didn't take a lot of talk or debate to prove that He was alive. Resurrection is it's own best proof. When you see someone who was once dead, and now alive, what is there to discuss. During Easter we proclaim the resurrection of Jesus. Usually with singing, various forms of worship, and preaching. There is another great lesson for us in Jesus resurrected life. As His life spoke for itself, we must let our life also speak. A resurrected lifestyle is a great way to show the world the power of Jesus life. Those who were once dead in sin, now living a new life in Christ is powerful. Conversion is a great testimony, that something real has happened on the inside. When people see us change from darkness to light, it challenges them to consider resurrection. Our world is filled with failed programs and rehab attempts. So much of society wants to do better, but can't find the power to change. The Christian testimony of change is radical and real. Its a resurrected lifestyle. This Easter, we must proclaim it, and live it, so the real practical power of His resurrected life, can minister hope to our hopeless society, not just at Easter, but every day. We live, because He lives.

The Faith we Need

Everything vital for life, both now & in eternity is connected to our Faith. Our salvation, our morals, our attitude, life choices & ability to endure trails, all come down to our Faith. It won't take long for tests of life to either expose false Faith or confirm real faith. The defining issue is does your Faith work when you need it most.

Real Faith that works, originates with bible revelation. It's not this modern day confessing of selfish ambitions & claiming carnal desires (which has no foundation). Faith that works is believing, trusting & standing on the words, prophecies & promises God has spoken in scripture.

It's this bible based Faith in God alone that anchors, sustains & ultimately saves us.

Message From: Pastor Tony Chase

We had a great day a church yesterday Feb 3 2013. Our visiting speaker Pastor Chase from North Carolina, greatly encouraged us all. He ministered a message about "Earthen Vessels". The bible in 2Cor 4:7, teaches that God puts His gospel transforming light into us, who are simply dirt houses or made of clay structures. We are not made of much, we are not perfect, but God chooses to put his treasure into us, to show the world the hope of the gospel. He spoke about the many cracks the appear in earthen vessels. We are all full of cracks, and should try to help each other, not exploit each others cracks. As God uses less than perfect people, His glory and goodness is revealed.

The word blessed and uplifted the saints greatly. We were blessed again by Pastor Chase's ministry during the night service, when he spoke about the need to gain understanding. God speaks through his word and his servants. Come and be blessed with us at the Metro Atlanta Christian Center.

Shifting American Minds

Newsweek cover
1 John 4:3 in the bible speaks of, the spirit of AntiChrist. As taught in the scriptures its a last days demonic presence, that seeks to altar bible truth, to make way for the one God calls The Beast. In order for this AntiChrist to set up his universal system of support and worship, he must convince the entire world that he is God. I know is sounds silly, but one day a man will rise, demand worship, place his mark on humanity, and persecute & kill all who refuse to bow to him. Revelation 13, gives a detailed account of this.

poster being sold in D.C.
Recently, Hollywood actor and singer Jamie Fox, made a public reference to the president Barak Obama, by saying this; "our lord and savior Barak Obama". I don't believe for a minute that the president endorses this or even likes it, but it was said and debated for weeks in the media. Newsweek magazine placed on their cover a remark about the presidents 2nd term as 'the second coming", a christian term for the return of Jesus to the earth. One man in South Carolina said "we must reelect Barak Obama, what if God is in him, and we miss our chance to be led by God. These references represent a shift in thinking here in America that suggests the spirit of the AntiChrist is beginning to shape thought, and prepare way for the public to one day call a man God. It may be subtle, but its worth noting.

poster being sold in D.C.
Two of the posters being sold during the presidents recent inauguration can be seen as blasphemy. One showing the president with a crown of thorns, and another suggesting he is the fulfillment of bible prophesy. But the point is this, people are crossing a line, and starting to reference our president as more than he is. Its not an evil reflection on Mr Obama, its a major flaw in human thinking. What we are seeing is a sign of how close we are to bible fulfillment of Jesus return, and the start of the tribulation. Part of the end time prophesy is a man being worshiped as God, and then turning on the world and ushering in destruction and final judgement. I'm not saying the president is the AntiChrist, but I am saying that, the way some are portraying him, is fitting a mindset that shows our perceptions about a man possibly being God are evolving.

As we watch right before us, the thinking patterns change, know this; we are ever so close to the rapture the bible speaks about in 1Thes 4. Society is so desperate, they are slowly pushing the idea of man as God. That is Satan's plan for a one world system, under the AntiChrist, that will push all things Godly and Moral out of society. Our nation and the world, needs to get back in church, and back to the teaching of the bible. Only God will ever be God. Only Jesus can save us. Our president may be a good man, but don't let the spirit of AntiChrist make you feel he is a savior. Lets pray for the president, and pray for revival in America. Salvation in Jesus is our hope.

Happier..Healthier..Church people

During my sermon on Sunday, I made reference to two surveys taken by two independent pollsters. Both polls showed that people who go to church on a regular basis are happier and healthier than those who don't. The gallup poll said, church goers smiled more, laughed more, enjoyed life more and had better quality friendships. The Health24 study said, church goers lived longer, had less doctor visits, less stress, worry, and anger. To top it off, the study said church goers reported a far higher satisfaction with their sex life.

We already know that Salvation is hope for the soul and eternal life, but now the secularist are having to admit, Jesus is also good for life and general health. The bible does say "we are complete in Him". We can conclude from these studies, that God our creator knew the dangers of not drawing close to himself. Our inner man cries out for God. Psalms says, "as a dear pants for water, my soul longs after God". Something God put in us, wants more of God. Its a call from within us for that wholeness, that can only be found in a relationship with God. Get in church, stay in church, for salvation, happiness and good health..By Gods design.

Evangelism in Atlanta

Our Church here in Atlanta started the year off with revival. We were blessed to have a large outreach team as seen in the picture. People for Our sister churches in Norfolk Virginia, Athens Georgia, and Columbus Georgia, joined with us to evangelize the city. Three teams split up, and went into different ares of Atlanta for this all day outreach. At the end of the ministry, we recorded 48 people who prayed with us to receive Christ. Its exciting seeing so many sacrifice their Saturday to come and fulfill the commission of Jesus to, "go into all the world and preach the gospel".

2013 Strategy

2013 is here. That means 365 new days to glorify God with our lives. Everyone should set a personal goal to make this our very best year as a follower of Christ. Lets hold back nothing this year in pursuit of gospel excellence. My prayer and vision is this; Be Radical for Christ. Love unconditionally, Pray fervently, Give liberally, Live victoriously, Forgive quickly, and Speak truthfully. AMEN

Beginning 2013 with a BREAKTHROUGH REVIVAL

Joy filled Christmas Service, Dec 2012

Joy at the Altar
Bro Danny, sang "Mary did you know"
Oh come let us adore him, WE DID
Rachel Purcella, read the Christmas story
Pastor spoke about "the first worshipers"

Its been a while since I've posted to my blog. Some of those following my blog know that I'm back pastoring again in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta is one of the most beautiful & kindest cities in America. The folks from the church have received us very well. Barbara and I love the church, and look forward to building on a good foundation. I will be changing the nature of the blog since I'm no longer evangelist. Within a couple of weeks, I'll be posting regularly again. There are so many things to share considering we serve such a great savior. We will also be posting on our church outreach blog, Barbara and I ask for your prayers here in Georgia, millions of souls here needing Christ. God Bless....Ps M Carnegie