South Africa..A glorious hope

Mrs Kennedy & Nicole, part of worship team..Bloem
My final stop on this trip was South Africa. I ministered in two cities; Bloemfontien and Queenstown.  
night after night many came forward for salvation..Bloem
It was my first time in each of these cities. In total over 75 souls received Jesus as savior.
during pray time, large groups sought Jesus..Bloem
God met with many personally..Bloem
HIV/AIDS is a serious issue in Southern Africa. Many came forward for healing from many illnesses.
The Kennedy family, from U.K..Bloem
hope in prayer, brings great joy..Bloem
Queenstown, Praise
Its a joy just hearing the saints in South Africa sing. Powerful joy in their praise.
Queenstown congregation, many excited youth
praying for those who came forward for Jesus..Queenstown
Holy Ghost came in great power and joy..Queenstown
Ps Abdul, Michelle & children..Queenstown
Scene at the altar each night..Freedom in Christ..Queenstown

South London Bible Conference, 5 Oct 2012

Friday night
SCENES FROM THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN ROTHERHITHE. I stopped in Friday Oct 5th for the final night of conference. Fred Rubi was the main speaker for the week. It was joyful and powerful.
record crowd
hot, Holy Ghost praise..nightly
Ps Ajala & I share a moment
Friday night Altar call
Praying for new couples being launched

Joy in Newport News, Virginia

My last trip covered Virginia, London, and South Africa. I came home tired but full of Joy, at all God had done. Newport News is a great city in the mid atlantic area of Virginia. Pastor Baldwin and his wife Rae are doing a good job bringing gospel hope to a needy area. Its a large militay area. Many young military families with all the needs and pains that are party of military life. I heard some amazing testimonies here of miracles of salvation and deliverance. Souls were saved, and the saints refreshed.
Sunday morning in Newport News
a mixed congregation
seeking help from God
praise time
one soul baptised

First Service..Bloemfontien South Africa 7 Oct 2012

I arrived in South Africa Sunday. First altar call many came and kneeled to Jesus. It's my 1st time preaching in Bloemfontein. Powerful singing & worship here, we are in for a great week of ministry. Say a prayer for us this week.

Blade Runner

Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee is called "the fastest man on No Legs. He didn't qualify for the 2008 Olympics, but trained 4 years and did race in London 2012. Obstacles can be overcome.

The saying is "whatever don't kill you, makes you
stronger", is only part true. Struggles can make you bitter, hateful, hopeless & even loose Faith.

Life has many disappointments, learn to trust God in all things. Don't just go thru stuff, GROW thru it. Believers are more than conquerors in Christ. Victory is Gods.