Marseille, France...July 201

City of Marseille
Beautiful marina near downtown
first altar call, hungry souls surrounding me
packed church each night
people were in front of me, behind, & gathered at the door
I was so excited about preaching the gospel in France. Anytime you preach for the first time in a place, there is wonder about God will do. The Lord proved to us that  he is Lord of the harvest, his wisdom is great, and his grace is mighty to save.

Marseille is an old city in Southern France, with lots of Greek influence. Being close to north Africa, Marseille has lots of muslim immigrants. Christianity has not greatly impacted this part of Europe. Thats why this recent revival is so victorious. It was like the book of Acts in the bible, people heard the good news and wondered can it really be true. 

The simple truths of forgiveness, hope, faith, and ressurection moved these folks to salvation. Each night people packed the building, looking for places to sit and hear the gospel. Pastor Desmond asked one night, "where are these people coming from". God was drawing them.  One white French lady said, "I have to bring my co-workers, they have to hear".  It was so genuine, it was so powerful. During the Altar calls there were 10-12 coming forward each night. One night people surrounded me on every side wanting to pray for salvation. 

A few of the people seemed so shocked, that a preacher from so far, could speak of issues so relevant to their life. I explained, this is the presence of the Living God. One night pastor Desmond and I prayed for so many people we couldn't get out of the building. Every few steps we took, more kept saying pray for me too. It was glorious. 

I think the years of Atheism and dead orthodoxy has created a real hunger for Jesus. Sin and humanistic answers has left Europe desperate. The gospel is the solution.  This is a fire that will catch on and sweep the nation. Pray, the take-back of France has begun.

Thank God for Pastor Warner and Pastor Scribner, along with The Tucson and Santa Monica churches for investing and believing.
French of every color, were praising God
Matthew is getting baptised next week
Jennifer, saved with her family
Angolan family, escaped war, ran into Jesus
Prayer request kept coming, until i left the building
Lady from Mauritius, Oh SO Saved...came every service
people said they felt God during praise, got deliverance
everybody got a clear word from God
Pastor Desmond, compelling them Come in....

second altar call, more souls..


The Holy Spirit is moving greatly in England. Most people know that I travel to England more than anywhere else I go. This was my 6th trip this year. I preached revival meetings in Croydon, South London and Leicester, in the Midlands. As you can see from the photos the services were packed out each night. Pastor Clement told me their Thursday night service was a record attendance. God draws the hungry so he can feed them. Loads of souls were saved, and so many filled with the Spirit I couldn't count the amount of hands. Croydon is an exciting church, full of youth and fruitfulness.
The pastor in Leicester is Pat Brick. Pat is also known as  "rappin Brick" He still travels and ministers with Rap Music. I preached in this church when it first opened, so I've know many of the saints here for years. There was such and excitement for the meetings. Not only were we blessed by Gods presence and Word, we saw backsliders return to Jesus. The nations are hungry for God, I'm glad he always comes through for his people. I was invited to two different fellowships and I'm telling you....FOOD....They put love into that food, and I received that love by enjoying it.
Ps and Mrs Brick
Brothers of Leicester
Pastors Bricks two sons, after service

Victory in Vallejo California; 10 July 2010Ps

sing a new song
don't forget us Pastor
Lift your hands in praise
Praise His Name
Vallejo is one of the many cities in the Bay Area of Northern California. Located between San Francisco and Sacramento, its a perfect location for a church to have impact for God. God has assembled a great group of saints here to represent his kingdom. It was very joyful for me to see some of the young men from previous trips now married and establishing families. This was my fourth trip to Vallejo and each time I see God add to the church both souls and strength. The first young man to answer the invitation came each service and on Sunday morning. We felt God working during each service to uplift the saints, crush Satan, and refresh a vision to build his church. Even some of the young folks were answering altar calls. We finished revival with a church picnic in a local park, it was wonderful. What I feel for the Vallejo church is hope. The entire area has been hit hard economically. This effects life in so many ways. But in spite of it, God sent a refreshing word to us, He is still Lord of all.
give us more...
checking the word
bible says "seek me"
praise makes it a revival
Salvation the best miracle
Pastor  and Mrs Reblin

Houston Texas: Hungry Souls....30 June 2011

Ps Willis, leading in Worship
entering in, lifting up Jesus
many visited the revival
Ps Gordon and Liz (this girl can smile)
The word I'd use to describe the revival meetings in West Houston would be "Timely.  I enjoy all aspects of God moving, but its so good to get it, feel it, live it at the right time personally. When folks tell how an on time word helped, thats victory. Pastor Gordon one evening started pointing people out to me and telling me their national origin. God is gathering an international assembly here in West Houston. I was drawn to the quality of worship in the church. Strong singing, hands raised, and voices crying out to God. I spoke to Pastor Gordon and told him, I visit lots of churches, and nothing identifies faith, christian life, and service to God like serious worship. We had visitors, we had prayer for salvation and healing, and we had the presence of God. I was so impressed with the men God has given this church. Their faithfulness and dedication was visible from the first day I arrived. The Gordon's are building a good work in Houston. I know they would appreciate our prayers.
Prayer for healing
Encouraging the saints, press on for God

Bible Laws that will Change your life Forever: For Sure


1. THE LAW OF FORGIVENESS:  Matt 6:14...forgive and you shall be forgiven...

2. THE LAW OF GIVING:  Luke 6:38...give and it shall be given to you.....

3. THE LAW OF PRAYER:  Matt 7:7...ask and it shall be given to you....

4. THE LAW OF THE HARVEST:  Gal 6:7...whatever a man sows he will reap....

5. THE LAW OF RESCIPROSITY:  Mark 4:24...the same measure you use will be used on you...

6. THE LAW OF SIN AND DEATH:  Rom 6:23...sin always brings death...

7. THE LAW OF HUMILITY:  James 4:6...God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble...

8. LAW OF FAITH:  Mark 11:24...believe that you will receive...and you shall have them...

Apply the law and it will work for  you, violate the law and you'll live with the consequences. The most joyful of all biblical laws is the last one;

9. LAW OF SALVATION:  Rom 10:13...whoever calls on the name of the Lord, shall be saved

Double Team in Jacksonville Florida; 24 June 2011

The Walkers and The Pattersons
During the meetings in Jacksonville Florida, I split the services between two of the churches; The Mayport church pastored by Darren Walker, and the Northside church pastored by Orlando Patterson. Everytime I preach in Jacksonville its exciting and fruitful. Sunday was Fathers Day, so I preached about Knowing Who Your Daddy Is. Many children grow up without a biological dad, but the bible declares that salvation gives us a special privilidge, we cry ABBA FATHER. Both services were great with great responses. The official revival went Monday thru Friday at the Northside congregation. The other area churches came out in a strong show of support. God did everything we expected and more. A number of key people responded for salvation and kept coming thru the week, and well as people getting healing and deliverance. I felt a real surge of dominion during those services. Night after night the converts cried out for help from attitudes and addictions. The Holy Spirit was truly visiting the folks and bringing answers to prayer. For so much of the church world today, services are just business as usual, but God showed up and we were blessed. One lady said to me, it was like this, I prayed about something in the morning, and the message that night brought an answer. This is the power of The Living God. I thank God for the Jacksonville churches and their great testimony. One by one, life by life, God is snatching souls from hells grip, and placing believers into Gods kingdom.