Hanover PA; Every soul matters 23 Mar 2010

great response on Sunday
Ps Jeff and family
I have been visiting Hanover to preach for the last six years. Pastor Jeff O'Brien and his family have become very dear to me. Year after year they continue to be great witnesses for Christ in this community.  This revival was like the others, great response from the saints, and a couple of teens got saved. I spoke to the one young lady who prayed and came back. I asked her if she would stay with Jesus, she gave a serious yes, and a big smile. I prayed, "God its worth it for this one", because to God, every soul matters.  I also met a new family in the church, who had great things to say about the congregation since joining. God is building a church in Hanover. Pastor Jeff is a man of vision. He spoke to me about great things in store for the future. Lets pray for them.
pressing in for the presence of God
Sunday night service
the last service..personal challenge
band from Dover started off Saturday night

Killeen Texas; A really good week...18 March 2010

every night...seeking Gods face
praise invites the presence of God
Asking God for more
Born again..saved..converted..amen
a special word
God said it...that settles it
Bro Rudy, all the way from east coast
I had a great week in Killeen Texas. Killeen is home to the nationally famous Fort Hood Army Base. The Killeen church membership has many soldiers and combat veterans from previous battles and recent conflicts. The people are not just fine soldiers, but also fine christians. Pastor James Rosario and his wife Rene have only been pastoring here for a short time, but already God is working wonders. We were so blessed to see visitors coming in nightly. It was a special joy seeing many return night after night, and bringing friends and family with them. Each of the six services we had decisions to recieve salvation. One gentleman and his wife came all the way from Pennsylvania, and rededicated his life to God. Another man told me someone stopped him on the streets, preached to him, invited him to service, and he said, he just knew it was time. There was such a supernatural atmosphere during the meetings. One man who had been backslidden, came and got it right with God, and had a smile for the remainder of the week. Each message seemed like an anointed arrow send to convict, deliver, and save. The older saints of the church truly got refreshed. We ended the week on a high with many being filled with the Holy Spirit. After services people hung around, chatted and enjoyed what God was doing. The Killeen church is making a difference in the city. Pray for God to multiply this fruit many times over.
The Rosarios

The Earth is Shaking...Jesus is Coming; 11 March 2011

There has been lots of news about earthquakes lately. Most people would remember the devastating earthquake in Haiti last year that killed over 220,000 people. What about the one in Chile that killed 700, or recently in New Zealand that killed over 75. I got inspired this morning when I woke to the news of the most recent quake in Japan that has triggers those pacific Tsunamis.  What many people don't realize is that over the last 10 years, there has been a great increase not just in earthquakes, but in the various places they are happening. In the gospel of Matthew 24:7 Jesus speaks of the last days, and different signs to prepare us. One specific mention is earthquakes in various or "divers" places. Earthquakes alone is nothing unique to this prophesy, but the various places is. Historically earthquakes have been centered in an area of the pacific called the "ring of fire". This area is known for its plate activity. But, as you seen in the picture i've included, just last year alone, earthquakes (represented by the dots) have been moving from their traditional location to various or divers areas around the globe. The geological service has reported thousands of earthquakes in the last couple of years. Many are small and go without notice, but they prove a point. The earth is shaking like never before, in places like never before. This shaking has a prophetic sense to it. The earth is shaking...Jesus is coming.

I opened my file this morning, and observed a few revealing facts about earthquake devastation. The most devastating earthquakes in the last 10 years have a similarity. India 2001; 20,085 killed (hindu/muslim), Iran 2003; 31,000 killed (muslim), Sumatra 2004; 227,898 killed (muslim/pagan), Pakistan 2005, 86,000 killed (muslim), China 2008; 87,587 killed (atheist), Indonesia 2009; 1,117 killed (muslim), Haiti 2010; 222,510 killed (voodoo). None of these countries have a professing Christian majority population. This just an observation, yet significant. As with everything else we are dealing with in the world, the hope is look to Jesus.  

Derby, East Midlands U.K. Explosion of young folks

45 minutes after service..still in church
from Northampton..revival for birthday
Pastor Chizo and Shandina
Holy Ghost fell in power
leading them to Jesus
each night many were saved
this girl can sing!!!
the saints rallied for revival
This was my first time preaching in Derby. Its an important city in the East Midlands, home to Rolls Royce and the University of Derby. I noticed right away that the city has lots of action. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many teenage visitors coming to church. It felt like the most exciting place to be in the city. Pastor Chiso told me he had record attendances for both Sunday morning and night. Derby is alive with revival fire. One night we had 15 decisions for Jesus...Amen. There was also a good number of people saved from the nation Latvia. One Latvian family is pictured here. After the first conversion, all the family came, and God is now working on both family and friends. So much takes place during a revival, its hard to keep up with the Spirit of God. Because of Derby's prime location, many other Midlands churches came, it truly was a rally of joyful celebration. At the end of revival I counted 36 decisions and 14 filled with the Holy Spirit. Take that Devil....Yeah!!!

Bristol, U.K. Best response in five years

Ps and Mrs Planter
happy to know Jesus
this is breakthrough
Pastor Planter
all 7 got saved
many visitors
hot, Holy Ghost praise
Bristol is one of the cities I visit each year. The response this year has been the best I've seen in five years. Pastor Clyde recently moved the church into a larger building to make space for growth. God has been faithful, since that move there has been a fresh wave of revival. Visitors came to all of the services. One night we had a full altar of Eastern Europeans accepting Jesus. As always the praise team really established a great atmosphere for Gods presence. The people were so excited, their faith was reaching out to God, and God moved. With so much of Europe turning away from God, its refreshing to see people still trusting in God and believing he is the way. The church is making a good impact in this city. The disciples are on point, and the testimonies are real.