San Diego, California...15 August 2011

flag changover
flag procession thru the airport
praying for help
men of God in San Diego
San Diego is without doubt one of the nicest cities in the United States. Its location and climate, draws many visitors each year. Because we have a church planted here, God is also drawing souls to here, not for vacation, but for salvation. Because of building limitations, I only preached four services, but it was a joy seeing what God did. 

On my flight into San Diego, the plane I was on was carrying the U.S. Honor Flag. Its the U.S. Flag the flew over the world trade center in New York after the 9-11 terror attacks. This flag goes around the U.S. for special events of Honor. The flag was on the NASA space shuttle for its final mission last month. It was coming to San Diego for a special memorial. Our arrival gate was gate 27, and from there the pilot presented the flag to a police honor guard in a moving ceremony, before they marched through the airport. I was blessed to be there.

From the photos you can see the congregation in San Diego were excited, full of worship, and rejoicing in Gods goodness. I saw quite a few pastors from the local area present. Its so good seeing hungry hearts wanting more of God. Pray for the congregation in San Diego, they are working on getting a new building.
help us Holy Spirit
time to worship
Pastor Orosco and sis Rosie
Only Jesus..No other
enter his presence with singing
ready to obey