Beginning 2013 with a BREAKTHROUGH REVIVAL

Joy filled Christmas Service, Dec 2012

Joy at the Altar
Bro Danny, sang "Mary did you know"
Oh come let us adore him, WE DID
Rachel Purcella, read the Christmas story
Pastor spoke about "the first worshipers"

Its been a while since I've posted to my blog. Some of those following my blog know that I'm back pastoring again in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta is one of the most beautiful & kindest cities in America. The folks from the church have received us very well. Barbara and I love the church, and look forward to building on a good foundation. I will be changing the nature of the blog since I'm no longer evangelist. Within a couple of weeks, I'll be posting regularly again. There are so many things to share considering we serve such a great savior. We will also be posting on our church outreach blog, Barbara and I ask for your prayers here in Georgia, millions of souls here needing Christ. God Bless....Ps M Carnegie