Blessing in Norfolk, Virginia

Carlos and Carmen Morales
Here are a few scenes from the revival in Norfolk Virginia. The church in Norfolk is one of the key ministry centers on the U.S. east coast. It is not only a very fruitful church, but also a church planting congregation. The folks are radical saints, hungry for the word of God. Each time I come here to preach I meet loads of new believers. Its great seeing a church fulfill the destiny commissioned to us by the Lord to..Go into all the World and Preach the Gospel. 
Empty chairs...full altar
The prayer room, beginnings of revival
They were singing like angels
Sunday morning..many saved
Hungry for God

Aurora/Denver Colorado: Mile High Revival.10-2011

beautiful Denver metro area
A lot of American cities are beautiful, Denver is right at the top of the list. I preached for a good friend, Pastor Rusty Seals in the city of Aurora an Eastern suburb of Denver. The Holy Spirit really helped us during the week, bringing souls to salvation, and touching many supernaturally. Before revival Pastor Seals said to me, he believed God was going to do something special. Thats exactly what happened during the meetings.
packed out attendance
really saved young people
We're having revival
During the first service Pastor said he had a record attendance. I gave the altar call and watched as visitors came to Jesus. This set the tone for what we'd see all week. I saw many young people responding, many sinners and backsliders. Its very hard to put into words the joy that we felt each night. Voices were lifted, hands raised, and tears shed as God touched hearts in response to his word. One brother in the back kept shouting AMEN, some may have felt it was distracting but it was a joy to see his soul on fire.
sisters on fire for God
brothers in love with Jesus
Jesus make me clean
Good-bye world, hello Jesus
Pastor Rusty and Kristi
We also had a time of healing on the Tuesday night and had testimonies of body's touched by the Holy Spirit. The simplest miracles bring so much joy, knowing God is in the midst. After years of preaching, I'm still amazed at how God knows us and knows what we need. So many spoke to me about how certain messages were just what they needed. Faith comes alive when we experience an on time word. We finished off the week by seeing 15 filled with the Holy Spirit. God is building a church in Aurora.
God drew them in
Hungry for Jesus
Uplifting Praises


Ephesians 2:8 says, "For by grace are you saved through faith". The Grace of God has always been an amazing truth. Its so far above human understanding, that its hard to grasp at times. Grace gives us sinners hope, but it also gives the weak strength, and those of little ability a means of expression. We describe  grace as, God seeing our need, and doing for us whatever he has to, to get that need met. Its Gods favor. When we needed salvation, Grace made it possible. When we needed to be married, grace made it possible. When we needed to become a better spouse, grace made it possible. Its grace that gives single people the ability to remain pure. When we needed to give, grace made it possible. When we fell short of God's righteousness, grace gave us ability to rise up to it. When we see Jesus one day, we'll all praise God for his amazing grace.

The bible says in James 2:10, "if we break the law in one area, you are guilty of breaking it all". That teaches that the law of God demands perfection. That leaves us hopeless without grace. Even the most holy among us falls way short of God's perfection. The gospel declares that Jesus did live up to that perfection, and represents us to God. As believers, we In Christ are received as fulfilling those demands because Jesus did. The law demands perfection, but grace declares perfection in Christ. Again, thats the grace of God.

People are often afraid of grace because it wrestles control out of our hands. We have nothing to boast in, and nothing to be proud of. Grace points hungry souls to Jesus and shows how small we are and how great God is. Grace strips humanity of its power over people, and allows each individual to come to God for forgiveness, strength, restoration, and personal power. This was the message of the protestant reformation. Grace is for you. Receive it, praise God for it, and celebrate it daily. Grace truly is amazing.


October 3-7 was the annual South London Bible Conference. As always is the case, God visited the saints, spoke to us, and increase our vision for the harvest and personal victory in our life. Over 20 churches were represented as part of the Rotherhithe assembly. Ps Ajala started off the conference Monday night with his message about Jail Breaking, delivering a world in bondage.
As always, bro Dimitri led us into Gods presence
Ps Tops and Joanna, getting praise on...
hearts open to Gods word
 I was touched by the quality of the ministry coming from the men out of the church. Ps Colin delivered a classic message about having a hole in your gospel. His illustration of a bible with a big hole in it made the point. Ps Jamile also preached a great word about saying yes to God. I watched as these brothers preached with conviction under a great anointing. Every sermon I heard moved me. Ps Kosi's sermon about famine is a must for all Christians.
Outreach after morning seminars
Lifting up Jesus
Ready for it
praise team..on point each night
Right after the morning seminar we had an outreach to Camberwell. It was so powerful seeing all the conference delegates on outreach preaching. Pastor Desmond Bell from France took the microphone and called the nation to repentance. It was great. Night after night the Holy Spirit kept lifting us, and encouraging the fellowship of believers.
Ps Clyde giving a report
Ps Carnegie message, come out with your stuff

Ps Jamile ministered, say yes to God
Ps Al ministered..overcoming guilt
It's so refreshing to see all that God is doing in this South London fellowship of churches. From the early days of desperate young converts, God has raised up an army of christian workers now spread across the globe. International churches out of this body are now in; Namibia, Jamaica, Ghana and soon to be in America. Look at what God can do if we'd just say yes.
Representing Namibia
Excited on International night
Ps Colins sermon, hole in your gospel
saints from all across England
Awesome presence of Jesus
Next years conference will be the first week of October 2012. If you missed this one, don't miss the next one. There was joy in the house.