Stay On Point With The Gospel

Just this last week, I've come across three different national surveys, that reveal a dangerous trend. Nationally many people both secular and religious, are accepting the popular belief, that Jesus Christ is not the only way to heaven. David Campbell, an author did a survey for a recent book. He surveyed 3000 protestants, 54% said christianity may not be the only way to heaven. USA Today a major American newspaper, surveyed confessing christians and found that 52% said, eternal life is not exclusive to those accepting Jesus. The last survey was a Pew Research Poll showing 57% of Evangelicals said, many religions can lead to Eternal life.

This is fearful considering the times we are living in. Jesus (the only savior) said in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father but by me". What is confusing about this? Its clear from the bible that Christ ALONE can bring salvation, which gives eternal life.

Popular culture is pushing an effective, yet deceptive message. Television, movies, the internet, colleges, along with entertainers seem to be getting through, even to church people. For years Holy Ghost preachers have been warning about the dangers of the media and its message. Right now, those forces seem to be winning the battle for the minds of our generation. The christian church must press the real message of Jesus as never before. If you are a part of the church, preach it without compromise. If you are searching, look to Christ not ungodly Hollywood.

When its all over, the truth of God will shine strong. You must be born again. Only Jesus can do that!!

Fairfield California; God with us..24 Feb 2011

God is in control now, rejoice
I've posted here a number of pictures from the revival in Fairfield California. We just finished 5 wonderful services, and man was it ever a good time in God. I believe we had visitors to each service, with many coming forward to get saved. So much was happening during the altar calls. It didn't feel like we were conducting the meetings, but it was as if God was moving, and we just held on to see all he would do. A visitor from Santa Rosa gave me a great report of her eye being healed. Another young woman told me she was breaking off an immoral relationship so she could finally give her all to God. Another cried as she said "I spoke in tongues for the first time ever" It was refreshing to watch Jesus draw in and save so many young people. Pastor Ed and I both could feel a strong witness from God, that it really is time for the youth of our nation to turn to salvation. During the week we got to fellowship with saints from other Bay area churches. People from San Francisco, Sacramento, Redwood City, Stockton, and Santa Rosa came to hear from God. One of the nights the church was so full, the ushers were pulling chairs from the back room to help make space for visitors to sit. It was a great atmosphere for ministering the gospel.
Pastor Ed and sister Julie
I am expecting to hear some great reports of all God is doing in the Fairfield church. Pastor Ed is right in the middle of a great string of cities that are in need of answers. Thank God that he's raised up this congregation to be a light in such a dark time in the nation. God is moving, Keep praying for California.
"for real" girl power is Christ
a few good men..gospel style
I got the goods..25 sermon CD'S
filled with the Holy Ghost
Heaven rejoices over one
settling it before Jesus
choir..Eddie leading the way
surrendered to God
bondage its Jesus

Gallup, New Mexico & Navajo Nation; 11 Feb 2011

the go a little further for Jesus
Ps Bob and Sue Mammen
young men..seeking Gods direction
Gallup New Mexico is a small yet exciting town right on the edge of the mighty Navajo Nation. One of the main streets in Gallup is the historic U.S. Highway 66. I could tell after the first altar call, we were going to have a good week. It was very cold in Gallup, but the Spirit of God was present and sent his fire. Ps Mammen said to me "they love the word" and it was true. The folks were into the preaching. The altar calls were some of the greatest responses I've seen in the U.S.A. The hunger continued each night after services were done, many came up requesting personal prayer. God gives a good promise to those who hunger and thirst after him. The Gallup church is not a young church, but had a youthful presence and childlike faith. We all enjoyed the Holy Spirit, and for good measure, we enjoyed the best New Mexican food smothered with green chile. God is so good.

One of the recent conference announcements was Pastor Mel Montoya going into the Solomon Islands in the Pacific. Mel is out of the Gallup church. He will be relocating in two weeks, please keep him and his family in prayer.
everyone was at the altar
lifting up Jesus, no other Gods
Mr Pete,  Navajo tribal leader came for service

Be Completely Whole

In the bible I Thes 5:23 says ...may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved...God is telling us clearly what this chart reveals. We, just like God are three in one. Health therefore is more than physical. I was washing my car a few weeks back and got a revelation. I worked so hard cleaning the outside, that I ran out of energy to do the inside. The week before that I had taken it in for a 3000 mile service. The engine was good, the outside was now clean, but the inside was still a mess. Two of the three parts that make up my car were clean and up to date, but one area was undone. It was looking good, but wasn't complete. 

The word God uses in this bible verse is "santify you completely". God wants us totally healthy; spirit, soul, and body. It is so easy to fix up the physical, and not be healthy in the soul. Its just as easy to contend for soul health as in right choices and thinking, and not be in touch with the Spirit of God. 

Be sure to work on the whole person daily. Try your best not to develop a one dimensional life, or as the old folks used to say, "lopsided".  Prayer, worship and meditation feeds the spirit, the bible gives wisdom and direction to the soul, and exercise and healthy eating helps the body. Spiritual things must be contended for, soul issues thought through, and physical dangers avoided. The world focuses on one, but God says be complete. 

I have since then finished my car. You should see it now...Oh Yeah...its complete.

Yucca Valley CA; 4 Feb 2011

Ps John and Normie Murless
Sunday morning...time to pray
Yucca Valley California gave me a great inspiration, a history lesson, and some great friends. Most of the ministry photos from the meetings are still processing and will be posted within the week. Posted here are a few images of the visit. Bro John also took me to the Joshua Tree National Park. Its a preserve in the Mojave Desert, where you can find majestic rock formations, and the worlds best variety of Joshua trees. I'll write more in my full report to come. 
exciting group of youth at the church

Ps Murless and I, 5000 ft above the Mojave