Mexico City, Mexico; 8 Nov 2010

special music, was really special
record attendance Sunday night
Ps Alfredo and Gloria Barron
Mexico City is said to be the largest city (population) in the world. I've read that there are over 30 million people living in Mexico City. Alfredo Barron and his family were sent to Mexico 10 years ago, and God has moved powerfully in this great city. As fly into the city, you are in awe at the sight of endless houses and urban growth. The city sits in the mountains at over 7300 ft above sea level. The revival started off with a bang, 10 people answered the altar call for salvation on the first night. That trend continued each night through the weekend. I preached one night about laying down burdens, I watched as people wept and cried out to Jesus, feeling him take pressures off of their life. All over the city you can see places given over to idolatry. This disobedience to the bible has brought curses of bondage and illness to this thriving city. One by one, people are responding to the gospel and testifying of freedom in Jesus. This church today is a light representing Gods hope for the city. The worship service was great in Mexico. The passion and the joy was so addictive. From the platform I watched as visitors kept streaming in each evening. I didn't feel bad for inviting myself back for another revival. I told Ps Barron, there are some places preachers want to come to, places like this where the preacher himself can get revived. The congregation back home in Tucson is very proud of the work the Barron's are doing in Mexico City, and very thankful to God for raising up such a great couple. Keep Mexico in prayer, this is a move of God.
moved on, by the Spirit
got saved and came back for more
Ps Barron translating..copied each move

28 filled with Holy Ghost
Downtown Mexico City

Colton California Update; 4 Nov 2010

"blessed are they who hunger.."
real joy in Jesus, all smiles
asking to be free
coming to Jesus
During my report on the Colton revival I didn't include these ministry photos. Thanks to the Tucci famiy I recieved these pictures of some of the ministry time at the altar. People were saved, backsliders restored, healed, and many recieved personal deliverance. Truly a fresh visitation from heaven. This is what we are contending for worldwide. Just put people in touch with Christ and he will do the rest.