Hello my name is Whitney Richards; I am 18 years old, I live in London. I have been saved since December 2011 . I truly give God thanks for all that he had done and how he has transformed my life. I still till this day stand amazed at how God can love someone while in their sin and still be willing to change their life. God has transformed me and brought me from a long way. 

I was born into a christian family, where both my parents where saved. To me being brought up in church was great I lived a near perfect life. At the age of 14 my parents separated after being married for 18 years. I blamed myself for the separation of my parent as I wasn't the best behalf child; this lead to me becoming suicidal i just wanted to die. A year later I met this guy who I thought I was in love with, i was able to find comfort in him, i believed that he loved me and he was always there for me, not long after i lost my virginity to this guy, he then cheated and left me. I found my self in a place where I hated boys hated my parents and started hating  and blaming God. 

During this time I had a friend who was going through a similar situation to myself, we was able to comfort each other, give each other advice and help each other in times of need. Before I knew i was caught up in a relationship with this girl. I  then started to become accepting to the fact that I was gay, I started to believe that this was the way God made me.  Before long i was in a very intense relationship with this girl; changed the way I dressed, the way I acted and even the way I viewed things. I kept this a secret from my family my friends, brothers etc. Being with this girl caused me to stop going to church and i started to build up an even stronger hate for God and Christians. I even started to think that there was anything wrong with being gay and this is how God made me. 

September 2011 I got invited to Potter House Wandsworth by a friend of mine Ashley. There was something about the church that caused me to keep coming back. I started feeling convicted felt that having a girl friend was wrong, but I would leave church telling myself that i was going to change but go back to my old ways back to this girl. I wanted to serve God but i felt like i needed this girl to survive. 

In December 2011 I started realise that I can't serve two masters and there was a way out; I started to realise that being gay was a form of confusion, and sent form the devil, but however God loves confusion. I felt a love that no one has been able to give me, the love God has for me was much greater than the love my mother and father and even this girl had for me. I began to realise i was not gay and i was made in God's image, he had something greater for  me.  God loves me, he is able to heal my heart from all the heart that and bring me peace. The road of salvation isn't easy but  Jesus can save and change people. THE BIGGEST MIRACLE IVE SEEN IS MY VERY OWN SALVATION. 

Aida Ramos

Hello, My name is Aida Ramos, I live in Texas. I'm a single mother of six children, and I want to give God praise for the miracle of salvation. I got saved in December of 2011, it was the best day of my life. I'm still amazed at how God could love someone as cold and full of hate as me. At a very young age I started hating life when my parents got seperated, it was hard for me to understand why my father didn't love us anymore. I was molested at the age of 14 by a close family member, which hurt me and made me more bitter at life. I started looking for love anywhere I could find it. At age 17 I got married and had my first child, thinking I had found happiness. We had two more children, and I was sure things would work out. When I was 28, I got a phone call informing me that my husband had been electrocuted and died. I was devestated, I rememeber asking God, how can you be so mean to me. Three months later I got married again, this time to a man I hardly knew. It wasn't long before he started abusing me. I felt so bad, because my children were seeing this abuse, but I couldn't stop it. I had three more children with this man. He was eventually sent to prison. The abuse was so bad, he ran me over with a vehicle, by a miracle I survived. I started having thoughts of suicide, and met another man who was in a similar condition to me. This new man was hooked up with gangs and organized crime. I used to help him carry out very evil crimes. We were both caught and ended up in jail, with him getting two life sentences in prison. While in jail, I just kept wondering, how my life ended up like this. I had a sister who was a christian at The Door church, and was praying for me. God answered her prayers and I was released from jail. I used to sit at home tormented in mind because of the things I'd done and seen. I didn't know how to start my life over, so one evening went to church. I wasn't thinking of getting saved, but God met me as I sat listening to the preaching of Pastor Murillo. I answered the altar call, and felt God pouring his love all over me. Jesus was like the perfect man and father I had sought my whole life. I was forgiven, my mind was free, and all those bad thoughts were cleansed. I was blessed with a job at a  Christian school, and now my daughter has also accepted Jesus. My daughter was already starting to repeat my old behavior. She hated me so much, but now God has changed everything. I now know that Jesus can save anyone, and fix any life if you'd only believe, and allow him into your heart.

Traditional Rastafarian look
set free, no more dreadlocks
My name is Omana Foluke, I attend The Potters House in Bristol, England. I was born Patricia Williams, but changed my name when I began following Rastafarianism. I was sucked into it through relationships, thinking it was the right thing for me. I wasn't long before the whole facade began to fade and i saw it for what it was. I started going to Rasta meetings and smoking weed. I lived by a strict rasta diet. I realized after 16 years that it was racist. We would chant songs about the Black Mans Land. The man I was with turned out to be someone who didn't love me, when I was depressed he would encourage me to kill myself, he even spit in my face. There was a time I would run to other men, looking for someone to make me happy. In about ten years, I lost everything. The only place left to go wash to God. I recieved Christ, got baptised in October of 2010. The following month I cut off my Locks, and now I am free in Jesus. 

My name is Jason Hatt, and I am 25 years old. I attend church in Aurora Colorado. My struggle began early in life. I was born to a 17 year old mother who decided she couldn't raise me, and gave me up. My adoptive parents loved me the best they could, but I knew something was missing. As a youth I sought acceptance by clowning around in school. I remember driving my teachers crazy and being kicked out of classes. The councelors diagnosed me as having all types of medical issues, I was on drugs, but by then I began to use other illegal drugs and alcohol. My friends and I always got high, but I remained empty. About this time my relationships at home fell apart, I started failing classes, and getting into trouble. I became a Meth addict, and began stealing. At 16 I was arrested for vehicle theft and drugs. This is when I started going in and out of jail and rehab. I knew that without some changed my violent ways would probably get killed. It was in 2005 that God reached into my life and made himself real to me. Through Gods power I was able to overcome drug addiction. It was while I was in jail in Elbert county facing a life that the seeds of the gospel began to grow in me. I was delivered, and my life radically changed. The void in me was filled to overflowing. Before Jesus, all I knew was lustful one night stands. Today I am married, and God even gave me the ability to remain abstinent until we were married. It feels good to no longer seek the approval of man, but to live to please God. I make an honest living now as a fire fighter and a general manager. I now have a desire to minister to others and serve God with my life.

God is real...Testimony of Jazwinder Kaur

Jaswinder (JAZ) Kaur
Jaz has been attending our church in Manchester for some months. Jaz is Indian, from a Sikh background. She had a powerful encounter with Jesus, that resulted in her coming to Christ. I met her during the revival, and asked her to write out her testimony for me. Her story is quite long, but the miracle she received is mighty.

She told me, that due to pressures and personal issues she was  "in so much darkness" She goes on to say, I wanted to die, and tried to kill myself so many times. I was 15 years old, felt so alone, and depressed. I went to the roof of our flat and jumped off. I just didn't think about it or look down.

Jaz said to me that a member of her family who had gotten saved would always share Jesus with her, but she wouldn't believe the gospel. The day she jumped off the roof she told me, "I  saw a big shining cross, and felt the hands of Jesus break the fall and gently set me down". I wasn't dead, I had no pain or broken bones, not one cut or bruise, or blood anywhere. I knew it was Jesus and he was real. That day I found my best friend and my saviour, the hope of my life. I know he saved me so I can share his word. Today Jaz is saved, married and has 3 sons. I asked what message she has for anyone reading this testimony. She said simply, "that everyone would see the light of the living God".