Which of these images represent a real man. One picture is a group of christian soldiers from an infantry division, praying before a mission. The other is a couch potato brother with chips a coke and a remote control. One picture commands respect, the other cries shame.

Jesus in Matt 7:13-14, said "Enter the narrow gate". Christ explained that the broad way is easy and many follow the easy way into ruin.  He also said "the narrow way was difficult". Its so human to want what is easy, but Jesus taught that this frame of mind leads to destruction. Real spirituality chooses the narrow road and serves God.

Judge for yourself, which is harder:

1. Watching two hours of T.V. (or)  Reading two hours of the Bible
2. Sleeping until 10:00am (or) Getting up at 5:00am to go to work
3. Cursing your wife when she upsets you (or) bearing the hurt, forgiving her, and blessing her
4. Spending on credit, getting stuff, and suffering later (or) Living within your means, deny self, & save
5. Backslide when things are hard, and complain (or) Hang tough, trust God, and endure hardness
6. Spend money on sporting events with friends (or) Take family to church and give to God
7. Playing for two hours (or) Praying for two hours
8. Following the world (or) Following God
9. Living with doubt (or) Living by Faith

Jesus taught that, the harder choice is the one that connects us to the saving grace of God. It fulfills, gives meaning, establishes honor,  develops character, and leads us into everlasting life. REAL MEN SERVE GOD. Which photo best demonstrates your life?

Lazy pleasure seeking mama's boy
Christian Infantry-Men