The Faith we Need

Everything vital for life, both now & in eternity is connected to our Faith. Our salvation, our morals, our attitude, life choices & ability to endure trails, all come down to our Faith. It won't take long for tests of life to either expose false Faith or confirm real faith. The defining issue is does your Faith work when you need it most.

Real Faith that works, originates with bible revelation. It's not this modern day confessing of selfish ambitions & claiming carnal desires (which has no foundation). Faith that works is believing, trusting & standing on the words, prophecies & promises God has spoken in scripture.

It's this bible based Faith in God alone that anchors, sustains & ultimately saves us.

Message From: Pastor Tony Chase

We had a great day a church yesterday Feb 3 2013. Our visiting speaker Pastor Chase from North Carolina, greatly encouraged us all. He ministered a message about "Earthen Vessels". The bible in 2Cor 4:7, teaches that God puts His gospel transforming light into us, who are simply dirt houses or made of clay structures. We are not made of much, we are not perfect, but God chooses to put his treasure into us, to show the world the hope of the gospel. He spoke about the many cracks the appear in earthen vessels. We are all full of cracks, and should try to help each other, not exploit each others cracks. As God uses less than perfect people, His glory and goodness is revealed.

The word blessed and uplifted the saints greatly. We were blessed again by Pastor Chase's ministry during the night service, when he spoke about the need to gain understanding. God speaks through his word and his servants. Come and be blessed with us at the Metro Atlanta Christian Center.