I put together this photo grid to make a serious point. Why is it that humans are the only creations of God, that won't stay the way God made them. This inner discontentment & insecurity reveals the spiritual part of mankind, that is empty,
 lonely, hurting & lost.

Separated from God, humanity is searching for purpose, meaning & acceptance. Sadly, the worldly trends & styles fail to deliver. Trusting & serving Jesus our maker & Lord, saves, gives peace and heals the soul. Plus, everything looks & functions so much better, if it stays the way God made it.

When Jesus called Peter out of the boat, he walked on water until he was distracted by his surroundings. It wasn't sin that almost drowned him, it was his inability to stay focused on Jesus. If Satan can't tempt you to sin, he'll try to distract you into loving God less, and wasting time and effort on things that don't matter.

Distracted people hardly ever end well, achieve excellence, develop spiritually or reach their destination.

The problem with so many hobbies, sports, techno gadgets & entertainment is not sin, but the potential to be a distraction. Distraction may not be sin, but in the end it can, and many times does lead to compromise & unfaithfulness, which ultimately divert us from Gods will for our lives. It's a subtle trap, stay focused, faithful and live for God.

Apple Valley/Colton California

Here are a few pictures from the meetings in Apple Valley and Colton California. Both revivals were really good times in Gods presence. The congregation in Apple Valley is very young. The people are very friendly there, they really worked overtime to make me feel welcomed. Ps Paul was excited to see backsliders as well as a few converts crying out to God. The Colton church as many know, is a regular stop on my yearly schedule. I love the saints there like our own home church. Again, we saw people answer the invitation to be saved, and some were also backsliders. Its a real season of grace right now for the backslider to come home to Jesus. Its been the thing I've seen most in the last three reveival. Pray that God would keep bringing them home.
Ps Paul
Apple Valley congregation
salvation in Apple Valley
Altar call..Apple Valley
Paul & Lupe
Great fellowship after service, Sunday morning
Colton CA
Praise team, Colton
Anticipation in Colton was great

I witnessed a real miracle today. A lady apologized to her friend after months of bitterness because of some gossip. The apology was accepted, and the friends rejoiced & acted as if nothing had ever happened. It was beautiful to behold God 
at work.

This is Gods way of fixing broken hearts & healing relationships. Complaining, crying, worrying & stressing, has never fixed one problem. But Gods way: praying, repenting, apologizing & forgiving, fixes everything. All things suceed, when done Gods Way.

Great 5 Day Revival in Lakewood Washigton

The city of Lakewood is just a short drive south of Seattle. Its a city I visited five years ago to preach in,
but this time I found a different church. The saints were alive, excited and evangelistic. I saw new faces coming in each night. Pastor George reported many backsliders came, and rededicated their lives to Jesus. Each day we heard testimonies of those who were touched by God. There was joy and tears, as God did his work in His people. After the Saturday service, there was a fellowship with FOOD. Serious food, from different cultures. It was great, those who were saved, got fed the word, and some really good food too. It was a refreshing time, right when the church needed it. God is good, and always right on time. 
Everybody praying for the Holy Ghost
Ready for service
Lakewood Ladies...sending a shout out
Friday night
Overdose on the food
Touched by God, on the first night
1st Starbucks shop opened in 1971, in Seattle
Pastor George & Bianca

The First Choice...was The Right Choice

Great story in the newspaper today. Roland & Lena Henderson, both 85 years old, just got remarried after 50 years of being divorced. They were married 20 yrs, had four children before divorce in 1962. They're beautiful kids, grand & great-g
rand kids made them realize what they were missing. "we started together, and must end together".

Lessons: 50 years were lost for nothing, the grass is not greener anywhere else, commitment builds marriage not feelings, don't leave a less than perfect relationship work it out, its never to late to make things right. God moves if you give Him time. God designed one man for one woman, for life.


2012 Youth Conergence..Tucson AZ

The Yearly youth convergence was held this past weekend in Tucson. Many Teens from all over the
Southwest came. The visiting minister was Pastor Clement Okusi from London England. His messages were uplifting, and relevant to todays young people. He spoke about the need for the Holy Spirit, and the importance of living a separated life for God. After the last session, He and Ps Warner took questions from the teens, and brought some well needed direction on topics important to them. I saw lots of smiles at the end. Everyone left blessed, including us old folk who attended.
a packed house for the 2012 Youth Rally
Question time
Ps Okusi, blessed them with the Word
Our future hope, receiving the gospel