A lot of people showed up last night to hear the gospel being preached. 10 came forward to receive salvation, and 28 others prayed with the team throughout the day. The hope of the gospel is reaching all corners of Metro Atlanta. The harvest is ripe & plentious. Pray for God to keep each one.

Praise Power

When you read the scriptures, you can't help but notice, how many times references are made to "praising the Lord". After awhile you realize its not just God wanting to hear noise, its part of what He created us to do. Praise frees the spirit and re-connects us to God in many ways. Praise allows us to overlook all the junk and problems in life, and keep us focused on our heavenly home. Praise is also an act of worship, that acknowledges God as maker, savior, provider, healer, and sustainer of all life. In all worship is a reset for the human soul, living in a world of sin, pain and often times hopelessness. Praise is life.

According to the bible, praise is something we choose. So often we choose to complain. I've thought about it, long and hard, and have come to the conclusion that; complaining has something dark and sinister in it. Its the very reverse of praise. Complaining turns our total focus to us. Its a self centered act, that ignores all that God does. Complaining is also a very ungrateful act. Its hard to thank God for what He's done, when we complain about everything. Complaining is a demonic setup for an eventual fall.

All those commands to "Praise God" in the bible mean something. Getting up and going to church, gives us a chance to reset our mind and remember, God is good. It also give us a chance to repent of all the sins in our life, that have turned us from God, and caused so much heartache. Remember to honor God this week, CHOOSE TO PRAISE, CHOOSE TO BE FREE.