Lighthouse: Santa Monica/Hesperia, 12-21-2011

My last meetings before Christmas break was with The Lighthouse in Santa Monica, and Hesperia California. Everyone was in full Christmas mode. The Holy Spirit came into the services and brought conviction and hope, that Christmas really is about redeeming lost humanity. All of the services were filled with Joy. Quite a few visitors came to Jesus during the Hesperia meetings. I encouraged the saints in both locations about the Wonderful name of Jesus. My message brought home the truth that, the child born in the manger has been given a name that either inspires worship or anger. These are a few snapshots of the services.
Ps Rob, Sunday morning
Hesperia Sunday night
Praise in Santa Monica
point made..Wonderful Jesus
altar call Hesperia
Santa Monica Congregation
Hesperia..6 got saved
leading praise..Hesperia
prayer requests

God's Gift

Each year after Christmas many gifts end up; unused, unwanted, exchanged or discarded. I've always said, "the best gifts are the ones you can actually use". The greatest gift ever given, was not purchased in a department store, professionally wrapped, or placed under a tree. Though not appealing to the world at large, this gift is one you can use everyday for the rest of your life. Its the gift that never stops giving. Jesus, God's give to the world. John 3:16.

Raleigh NC...Coming in and Coming Home

Courtney, gave a powerful testimony (see testimony page)
Jesus is so good. I had a good time with Ps Chase and the Raleigh congregation. I saw God do everything from save the sinner, to reclaim the backslider. I saw joy come into peoples lives, and saw hope being restored. It was a great week of revival. The young lady in the photo above is Courtney Pigford. One night see testified, and blessed the church with a story of freedom. Go to the testimony page on this blog and read her story.
a final challenge..give all to Jesus
I was so excited to see the new building in Raleigh. They moved further south in the city to a bigger facility. The saints are still putting it together, and are full of vision for what God will do. Each night the attendance was great. A number of people answered the call to receive Christ. I was moved a few of the evenings to get reports from people of how God had used the word to free their mind. Its so encouraging to see God visit his people. A good way to describe the services would be; many were coming in and backsliders were coming home.
If pastor's on fire, everybody burns....
In the house, each night
some seriously anointed singing
Anyone can tell you about the Tuesday night service when the Spirit came in and took over. The ladies sang and as they were singing we felt God. The congregation was on fire, after the message that night many were refreshed and ready for battle. That was the night 9 yr old MacKenzie showed me she had been taking notes on the sermon. Imagine our country, if all kids loved the word like this. Thank God for parents raising their kids in church.
9 yr old MacKenzie showed me her sermon notes  WOW
Bro Joe, and this little girl are enjoying Jesus
no one could stay in their seat
Thank God for The Chase family and their labors in Raleigh. I told Pastor, Its happening, God is loose, in just a matter of time multitudes will fill the place seeking to know Jesus.
Watch out...Man on Fire...

Coming to the High Desert

Excited about joining Ps Neos and the Lighthouse saints

Safford AZ, God's Faithfulness..12 2011

Choir in Safford
This was my third year preaching in Safford, its becoming on of the places I look forward to visiting. The church is warm, friendly, and very responsive to the gospel. The meetings this year had a very personal feel. People who knew the church and backsliders came out. This revealed Gods faithfulness. The responses were joyful and many powerful things took place in peoples hearts. I watched as many came forward to rededicate themselves to Gods purpose, get prayer for direction and healing. 
Scripture, for or against me
great deliverances
Salvation..thank Jesus
Pastor Seals testified of many personal breakthroughs in people. We were all challenged to rise up, go forth and take the city. We felt God press on us the reality of the last days. I thank God for Pastor Seals and his wife Clara. They are among some of the most hospitable people I know. They are committed to doing Gods will in Safford. I ask everyone to say a prayer for them.
calling on Jesus
pressing in as God leads

Not Easy Going to Hell

A very troubled man visited church last night. He had been drinking a bit and we could tell he was hurting. He came to the service for help, yet he wouldn't respond to God or let us pray for him.

I realized, going to hell is not easy. You have to fight the love of God, survive the drawing of the Spirit, ignore the bible, resist many prayers, silence your conscience, deny powerful testimonies, block out conviction, and refuse a gospel of great mercy.

In light of God's great love, it takes a lot of work to be lost. Why do people fight? Surrender.