Marseille, France...July 201

City of Marseille
Beautiful marina near downtown
first altar call, hungry souls surrounding me
packed church each night
people were in front of me, behind, & gathered at the door
I was so excited about preaching the gospel in France. Anytime you preach for the first time in a place, there is wonder about God will do. The Lord proved to us that  he is Lord of the harvest, his wisdom is great, and his grace is mighty to save.

Marseille is an old city in Southern France, with lots of Greek influence. Being close to north Africa, Marseille has lots of muslim immigrants. Christianity has not greatly impacted this part of Europe. Thats why this recent revival is so victorious. It was like the book of Acts in the bible, people heard the good news and wondered can it really be true. 

The simple truths of forgiveness, hope, faith, and ressurection moved these folks to salvation. Each night people packed the building, looking for places to sit and hear the gospel. Pastor Desmond asked one night, "where are these people coming from". God was drawing them.  One white French lady said, "I have to bring my co-workers, they have to hear".  It was so genuine, it was so powerful. During the Altar calls there were 10-12 coming forward each night. One night people surrounded me on every side wanting to pray for salvation. 

A few of the people seemed so shocked, that a preacher from so far, could speak of issues so relevant to their life. I explained, this is the presence of the Living God. One night pastor Desmond and I prayed for so many people we couldn't get out of the building. Every few steps we took, more kept saying pray for me too. It was glorious. 

I think the years of Atheism and dead orthodoxy has created a real hunger for Jesus. Sin and humanistic answers has left Europe desperate. The gospel is the solution.  This is a fire that will catch on and sweep the nation. Pray, the take-back of France has begun.

Thank God for Pastor Warner and Pastor Scribner, along with The Tucson and Santa Monica churches for investing and believing.
French of every color, were praising God
Matthew is getting baptised next week
Jennifer, saved with her family
Angolan family, escaped war, ran into Jesus
Prayer request kept coming, until i left the building
Lady from Mauritius, Oh SO Saved...came every service
people said they felt God during praise, got deliverance
everybody got a clear word from God
Pastor Desmond, compelling them Come in....

second altar call, more souls..