Houston Texas: Hungry Souls....30 June 2011

Ps Willis, leading in Worship
entering in, lifting up Jesus
many visited the revival
Ps Gordon and Liz (this girl can smile)
The word I'd use to describe the revival meetings in West Houston would be "Timely.  I enjoy all aspects of God moving, but its so good to get it, feel it, live it at the right time personally. When folks tell how an on time word helped, thats victory. Pastor Gordon one evening started pointing people out to me and telling me their national origin. God is gathering an international assembly here in West Houston. I was drawn to the quality of worship in the church. Strong singing, hands raised, and voices crying out to God. I spoke to Pastor Gordon and told him, I visit lots of churches, and nothing identifies faith, christian life, and service to God like serious worship. We had visitors, we had prayer for salvation and healing, and we had the presence of God. I was so impressed with the men God has given this church. Their faithfulness and dedication was visible from the first day I arrived. The Gordon's are building a good work in Houston. I know they would appreciate our prayers.
Prayer for healing
Encouraging the saints, press on for God