Victory in Vallejo California; 10 July 2010Ps

sing a new song
don't forget us Pastor
Lift your hands in praise
Praise His Name
Vallejo is one of the many cities in the Bay Area of Northern California. Located between San Francisco and Sacramento, its a perfect location for a church to have impact for God. God has assembled a great group of saints here to represent his kingdom. It was very joyful for me to see some of the young men from previous trips now married and establishing families. This was my fourth trip to Vallejo and each time I see God add to the church both souls and strength. The first young man to answer the invitation came each service and on Sunday morning. We felt God working during each service to uplift the saints, crush Satan, and refresh a vision to build his church. Even some of the young folks were answering altar calls. We finished revival with a church picnic in a local park, it was wonderful. What I feel for the Vallejo church is hope. The entire area has been hit hard economically. This effects life in so many ways. But in spite of it, God sent a refreshing word to us, He is still Lord of all.
give us more...
checking the word
bible says "seek me"
praise makes it a revival
Salvation the best miracle
Pastor  and Mrs Reblin