Glasgow Scotland; What a great Time...May 2011

first time visitors
Glasgow city center
Caledonian drummers
wanting more of Jesus
humbled hearts
The last time I was in Glasgow was about 10 years ago. A lot has changed in the church since then, a new facility in a new part of the city, lots of new faces, and a new pastor. Excitement was in the air from the first service.  The first lady to get saved came every service until the revival ended. Along with her were a number of other visitors who were greatly touched of God. We had some good testimonies during our night of prayer for healing.  Iain and Karen an engaged couple in the church set their wedding date for the Sunday of revival. I was so moved to see a young couple who wanted their special day to coincide with revival. It was a grand affair with formal dress and Kilts.  As Pastor Pete and I walked through the city of Glasgow, we could feel the Spirit of God wanting the church  to claim this place for Gods glory. The people are kind in Scotland, the culture is rich. I enjoyed good fellowship and good food. The Temples are happy to be in Scotland and have faith that God has given them this fine city. I've already set my plans to go back soon.
Iain & Karen..married Sunday morning during revival
The Wilkes came up
Scots..serious about the Kilt
Pastor Pete & Linda
getting saved
Only believe