Backfire in Babylon... Tucson Conference Message; 16 June 2011

My conference message on Thursday night was "Backfire in Babylon". Daniel 3:26-30 tells how after the fiery furnace failed to kill the Hebrew boys, king Nebuchadnezzar was forced to acknowledge the one true God of Israel. The Kings plan was to Influence them toward Babylon, but in the end the Hebrew boys faith influenced him, his plan backfired.


1. As with the Hebrew boys, our call is to influence our generation
2. The battle they faced in Babylon was, who's going to influence who. Our battle today is a battle to see who will influence this generation. Jesus said "you are the salt of the earth". We can win the battle.
3. Its seems as if the powerful media world, entertainment industry, ungodly politicians, and unbelieving university teachers are winning. Nebuchadnezzar thought the same thing until a miracle happened and the backfire occured.
4. The gospel produces miracles; conversions, healings, deliverances, and signs, that forces the world to acknowledge Jesus, and whatever plan Satan had for people...Backfire
5. We don't have the worlds money or its platform..we have something greater, the miracle gospel
6. Preach the gospel, live the gospel. Stay on point, and God will do the rest for us. He did for the Hebrew boys, and influenced and a heathen King.