Springield/Chicopee MA.

Asking God...do it again in Massachusetts
visitors from the Cape
The Gregory's..on the move
Chicopee MA, is a small city just outside of Springfield which is home to the national Basketball Hall of Fame.  Chicopee is a beautiful town and is home to one of our long time faithful churches.  I met a number of saints who have been with the church since its beginning, and are still pressing forward for Jesus. During the first service one of the men gave me a great testimony of being backslid for years. He's now back with Jesus, back in church and moving on for God. Its so exciting to see Satan loose one soul after ruining so many.  Most of the gracious comments made to me were about having the fire re-ignited in their soul. People get weary after years of faithful contending. The folks were truly revived.

I'm always used to being treated kindly during revivals, but the Beswick's really made me feel relaxed and welcome. Sister Nancy showed true southern hospitality, even though we were in the Northeast. The word of God was well received each evening, and the altars were full of hungry souls drawing closer to God. We had visitors to the revival from Troy, New York as well as from Cape Cod. 

We finished with a prayer for the church, and a new commissioning for the saints. Expect good things in Chicopee. Help us pray for God to shake the city, save the lost, and build again a center for his Spirit to reach across America's Northeast.
Pastor Jeff, praying for a move of God
establishing Gods presence
prayer for refreshing and renewal
pastor Jeff and Nancy Beswick
Young folks getting into Jesus