Keep Getting Up

When I saw this graphic, I was instantly inspired. Success really does come from many failures. This is not just a good business concept, its the bible. The book of Proverbs 24:16 says, "a just (righteous) man will fall seven times and will rise again. God says here that getting back up identifies the fallen as righteous. WOW. Thats not how most people see it. I'm sure that in todays world and even in todays church, if someone falls seven times, he would not be called a righteous person or a success. I'm almost 100% sure I've heard fallen ones called wicked or evil. Wicked is not what they are when they fall, its what they become when depression, criticism, gossip and branding convinces them that they can't get up.

Real success in secular life and in christianity is not a birth right, its a process. Be saved, love Jesus, read the bible, pray, and when you fall, get back up.  Don't live discouraged. Every time Jesus fell to the ground with that cross on his back, he kept getting up. He made it to Calvary, where he became the ultimate SUCCESS. Keep getting up!!