Houston Texas..Joy, Joy, Joy; 7 May 2011

This revival was in America's 4th largest City; Houston Texas. The six services were filled with excitement, joy, and victory in the Holy Spirit. This is a church that was originally launched out of Tucson, Pioneered by Richard Rubi. God is building a good church in Houston, quite a number of international folks in the congregation. Pastor Rod mentioned a couple of times during the meetings that new faces were coming in. The excitement of the saints drew visitors nightly. The altars were packed each evening as people prayed to break free of baggage and renew their relationships with God. This revival felt like a revival. One of the nights Bro Lamont Melrose got up to take an offering, that night we got two sermons, he preached the offering with power. There was an anointing on the worship, the prayers, the special music, the altar calls, and everything else. On the night we prayed for healing, eleven people responded instantly, saying they felt God's power touch their body. It was truly a time of refreshing. Pastor Rod also introduced me to Pappas BBQ, I'm now a fan for life. The pastors in Houston are claiming it for the gospel, pray them up.
Bro John.."man on fire"
taking the challenge..excellance..
Pastor Rod and family
Christ must be lifted up
young men..seeking God
bible says.."sing"
3 brothers, 2 sisters, adopted me in!!!!
filled with the Holy Ghost
services were full..lots of visitors