Wandsworth, South London..Jubilee May 2011

Bro Owen, leading in worship
This is Tooting, an area of Wandsworth in South London. It was my first stop on a  two week trip. I was searching for the right words to describe the atmosphere during the revival, I thought of Jubilee. There was joy, and freedom during the meetings. The saints here were so excited, and expectant. This kind of faith always brings the hand of God and rivers of mercy. Many were saved. I was so excited to preach, I didn't get all the photos I wanted to. I knew the church worked hard before the revival because so many visitors came. I met and prayed for a lot of youth, teens between 16-20 yrs old.  Courtney and Frances  are doing an outstanding job pastoring this congregation. There is fruit here that will remain. Wandsworth is no longer a forgotten area of the city, but a revival center
outbreak of joy in worship
These girls can pray
Ps and Mrs Lowe
they were like hungry students..wanting the Word....
Into it..
Praying down the power
she made me a personalized handkerchief..such a blessing
everybody came ready