Silver City, New Mexico...30 April 2011...

Downtown, Silver City
faithful saints
After a change in my schedule, I preached for 5 services in The great southwest town of Silver City, New Mexico. Silver City is a beautiful mountain town filled with history. The church was pioneered by Larry Beauregard in the early days of church planting, and is currently pastored by Andrew Zamora.

I was so blessed by the display of faithfulness I saw in Silver City. Night after night, the saints and their families came to hear from god and be touched by the Spirit. As we gathered for prayer each morning, I was so moved to see not just the youth, but the older saints up early seeking God. Ms Caroline is 85 years old, she was there each morning at 7:00am asking God to move in the city.  Visitors came, souls got saved, people were healed, and God glorified his name. Its always good to see people lifting up Christ after years of service. The church is moving, following on in the spirit of their beloved former Pastor Jesus Vizzerra who went home to glory last year. We all felt a fresh wind of grace visiting the church here. God's promises are still unfolding here.
Ps Andrew..pumping them up for revival
coming to Jesus
Ms Caroline..everyone's mother
Michelle Ryan...made us the best Green Chili 
Pastor Andrew and Edna Zamora
from Nigeria
touched by the Holy Spirit
praying.."I need you more Jesus"