Bristol, U.K. Best response in five years

Ps and Mrs Planter
happy to know Jesus
this is breakthrough
Pastor Planter
all 7 got saved
many visitors
hot, Holy Ghost praise
Bristol is one of the cities I visit each year. The response this year has been the best I've seen in five years. Pastor Clyde recently moved the church into a larger building to make space for growth. God has been faithful, since that move there has been a fresh wave of revival. Visitors came to all of the services. One night we had a full altar of Eastern Europeans accepting Jesus. As always the praise team really established a great atmosphere for Gods presence. The people were so excited, their faith was reaching out to God, and God moved. With so much of Europe turning away from God, its refreshing to see people still trusting in God and believing he is the way. The church is making a good impact in this city. The disciples are on point, and the testimonies are real.