Derby, East Midlands U.K. Explosion of young folks

45 minutes after service..still in church
from Northampton..revival for birthday
Pastor Chizo and Shandina
Holy Ghost fell in power
leading them to Jesus
each night many were saved
this girl can sing!!!
the saints rallied for revival
This was my first time preaching in Derby. Its an important city in the East Midlands, home to Rolls Royce and the University of Derby. I noticed right away that the city has lots of action. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many teenage visitors coming to church. It felt like the most exciting place to be in the city. Pastor Chiso told me he had record attendances for both Sunday morning and night. Derby is alive with revival fire. One night we had 15 decisions for Jesus...Amen. There was also a good number of people saved from the nation Latvia. One Latvian family is pictured here. After the first conversion, all the family came, and God is now working on both family and friends. So much takes place during a revival, its hard to keep up with the Spirit of God. Because of Derby's prime location, many other Midlands churches came, it truly was a rally of joyful celebration. At the end of revival I counted 36 decisions and 14 filled with the Holy Spirit. Take that Devil....Yeah!!!