Gallup, New Mexico & Navajo Nation; 11 Feb 2011

the go a little further for Jesus
Ps Bob and Sue Mammen
young men..seeking Gods direction
Gallup New Mexico is a small yet exciting town right on the edge of the mighty Navajo Nation. One of the main streets in Gallup is the historic U.S. Highway 66. I could tell after the first altar call, we were going to have a good week. It was very cold in Gallup, but the Spirit of God was present and sent his fire. Ps Mammen said to me "they love the word" and it was true. The folks were into the preaching. The altar calls were some of the greatest responses I've seen in the U.S.A. The hunger continued each night after services were done, many came up requesting personal prayer. God gives a good promise to those who hunger and thirst after him. The Gallup church is not a young church, but had a youthful presence and childlike faith. We all enjoyed the Holy Spirit, and for good measure, we enjoyed the best New Mexican food smothered with green chile. God is so good.

One of the recent conference announcements was Pastor Mel Montoya going into the Solomon Islands in the Pacific. Mel is out of the Gallup church. He will be relocating in two weeks, please keep him and his family in prayer.
everyone was at the altar
lifting up Jesus, no other Gods
Mr Pete,  Navajo tribal leader came for service