Fairfield California; God with us..24 Feb 2011

God is in control now, rejoice
I've posted here a number of pictures from the revival in Fairfield California. We just finished 5 wonderful services, and man was it ever a good time in God. I believe we had visitors to each service, with many coming forward to get saved. So much was happening during the altar calls. It didn't feel like we were conducting the meetings, but it was as if God was moving, and we just held on to see all he would do. A visitor from Santa Rosa gave me a great report of her eye being healed. Another young woman told me she was breaking off an immoral relationship so she could finally give her all to God. Another cried as she said "I spoke in tongues for the first time ever" It was refreshing to watch Jesus draw in and save so many young people. Pastor Ed and I both could feel a strong witness from God, that it really is time for the youth of our nation to turn to salvation. During the week we got to fellowship with saints from other Bay area churches. People from San Francisco, Sacramento, Redwood City, Stockton, and Santa Rosa came to hear from God. One of the nights the church was so full, the ushers were pulling chairs from the back room to help make space for visitors to sit. It was a great atmosphere for ministering the gospel.
Pastor Ed and sister Julie
I am expecting to hear some great reports of all God is doing in the Fairfield church. Pastor Ed is right in the middle of a great string of cities that are in need of answers. Thank God that he's raised up this congregation to be a light in such a dark time in the nation. God is moving, Keep praying for California.
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