I'm surprised how many times I've had trouble with an electric appliance, only to find out, it was not plugged into the wall socket. Many of you know the feeling when this happens. You feel silly, even embarrassed. I hate to admit it, but its taken a long time for me to finally learn, when its not working, CHECK THE OBVIOUS first. I look to see if its plugged in, and check if the volume is turned on. This seems so simple, but it fixes the problem at least 75% of the time.

How often is this the fix, when it come to spiritual things. Sadness, depression, anger, bitterness, hate, racism, violence, self harm and immorality, are just a few of the inner issues hurting people today. God didn't make us to live or feel this way. These are symptoms that something is wrong or missing down on the inside. Professionals and social workers have come up with many attempts to fix these, but very often these fix attempts fail. Counseling and Pills only brush the painful surface. I say, go back to the observation I made earlier, CHECK THE OBVIOUS. We are created by God to serve Him. If life disconnects us from God (our power source), we need to get plugged in. Here is a list of what's obvious, when it comes to spiritual life. Do you believe in God, do you believe the bible is Gods word, do you believe Jesus is the saviour of the world, have you accepted Gods forgiveness thru Jesus, have you repented from your sins, are you part of a bible based spirit filled church, are you doing your best to live a right life, being led by the Spirit. These are the ABC'S of how God made us to live and be.  Before you give up, run away, get on drugs, throw away your dignity or backslide, CHECK THE OBVIOUS. Simply plugging into God, can do wonders.