Happier..Healthier..Church people

During my sermon on Sunday, I made reference to two surveys taken by two independent pollsters. Both polls showed that people who go to church on a regular basis are happier and healthier than those who don't. The gallup poll said, church goers smiled more, laughed more, enjoyed life more and had better quality friendships. The Health24 study said, church goers lived longer, had less doctor visits, less stress, worry, and anger. To top it off, the study said church goers reported a far higher satisfaction with their sex life.

We already know that Salvation is hope for the soul and eternal life, but now the secularist are having to admit, Jesus is also good for life and general health. The bible does say "we are complete in Him". We can conclude from these studies, that God our creator knew the dangers of not drawing close to himself. Our inner man cries out for God. Psalms says, "as a dear pants for water, my soul longs after God". Something God put in us, wants more of God. Its a call from within us for that wholeness, that can only be found in a relationship with God. Get in church, stay in church, for salvation, happiness and good health..By Gods design.