Shifting American Minds

Newsweek cover
1 John 4:3 in the bible speaks of, the spirit of AntiChrist. As taught in the scriptures its a last days demonic presence, that seeks to altar bible truth, to make way for the one God calls The Beast. In order for this AntiChrist to set up his universal system of support and worship, he must convince the entire world that he is God. I know is sounds silly, but one day a man will rise, demand worship, place his mark on humanity, and persecute & kill all who refuse to bow to him. Revelation 13, gives a detailed account of this.

poster being sold in D.C.
Recently, Hollywood actor and singer Jamie Fox, made a public reference to the president Barak Obama, by saying this; "our lord and savior Barak Obama". I don't believe for a minute that the president endorses this or even likes it, but it was said and debated for weeks in the media. Newsweek magazine placed on their cover a remark about the presidents 2nd term as 'the second coming", a christian term for the return of Jesus to the earth. One man in South Carolina said "we must reelect Barak Obama, what if God is in him, and we miss our chance to be led by God. These references represent a shift in thinking here in America that suggests the spirit of the AntiChrist is beginning to shape thought, and prepare way for the public to one day call a man God. It may be subtle, but its worth noting.

poster being sold in D.C.
Two of the posters being sold during the presidents recent inauguration can be seen as blasphemy. One showing the president with a crown of thorns, and another suggesting he is the fulfillment of bible prophesy. But the point is this, people are crossing a line, and starting to reference our president as more than he is. Its not an evil reflection on Mr Obama, its a major flaw in human thinking. What we are seeing is a sign of how close we are to bible fulfillment of Jesus return, and the start of the tribulation. Part of the end time prophesy is a man being worshiped as God, and then turning on the world and ushering in destruction and final judgement. I'm not saying the president is the AntiChrist, but I am saying that, the way some are portraying him, is fitting a mindset that shows our perceptions about a man possibly being God are evolving.

As we watch right before us, the thinking patterns change, know this; we are ever so close to the rapture the bible speaks about in 1Thes 4. Society is so desperate, they are slowly pushing the idea of man as God. That is Satan's plan for a one world system, under the AntiChrist, that will push all things Godly and Moral out of society. Our nation and the world, needs to get back in church, and back to the teaching of the bible. Only God will ever be God. Only Jesus can save us. Our president may be a good man, but don't let the spirit of AntiChrist make you feel he is a savior. Lets pray for the president, and pray for revival in America. Salvation in Jesus is our hope.