A Cross speaks

This photo was taken in the rubble when the world trade centers collapsed. Two steel beams found in the form of a cross. This week, Atheist & Civil liberty groups are suing to remove this cross from the WTC museum. Saying its offensive & has caused headaches to unbelieving patrons.

Gal 5:11 speaks of the "offence of the cross". It's an inner disturbance connected to this symbol, that reminds us that sin separates from God, sin requires judgement (either judgement on Jesus, or judgement before Gods throne) but Jesus forgives, saves, and brings peace through faith in Gods redemption. Satan has been lobbying to remove crosses all across America, attempting to erase the memory of What God has done for us, yet God out of the rubble reminds us, Jesus is our hope.

Removing & outlawing crosses won't silence God. Pretending Jesus didn't die, doesn't lessen its reality. Destroying the cross can't reduce its power, but bowing at the cross can remove guilt, and wash away our sins.