I've expanded and rearranged this popular quote, to convey the gospel message. "your thoughts come from what you BELIEVE, values come from your thoughts, words come from values, actions come from words, habits come from actions, character comes from habits, destiny comes from character & your destiny is the total of your life. The bible says it like this Prov 23:7, "as he thinks, so is he". Everything begins with WHAT YOU BELIEVE SHAPING YOUR THOUGHTS.

Four things form our beliefs: How we're raised, how we're educated, how we're entertained & who our friends are. The people behind these; parents, teachers, friends, and writers & producers, can sway a life. Irresponsible parents, atheist teachers, evil friends and greedy/lustful entertainers, think wrong & hurt society.

It looks hopeless, but "rethink" is possible, its called repentance. Scripture says, "believe on the lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved". Believing the bible starts a new thought process toward a new destiny. Believing the wrong thing started the problem & believing the right thing fixes it.