Many words can describe modern society, but a relevant one is confusion. Consider the bad choices people make & the wrong directions people follow. A common phrase today is "I don't know". With God, we have a redeemer who guides us. There has never been in a time in history, where the old fashioned guiding forces of life have all been ruined. People used to rely on the bible and family to guide them, now its anything from a fortune cookie, to a t.v. talk show. Most people today have no sense of direction.

If you don't know where you're going in life, it doesn't matter which path you choose, you're still going nowhere. That means  years can pass with lots of movement, yet very little progress. God offers us prayer, his Spirit, his word, and his counsel.  Get connected and stay connected to God. He has a destiny for you, and will lead you to success & salvation.