Virtuous Women

On my way home today, I was flipping through the radio channels and heard an interesting song. The chorus said, "girls you can't do what the guys do, and still be a lady". I felt those words. Our culture is a culture of Bad Girls, Girls gone Wild and Loose Women. I realize that politically women are on the move. Lots of progress with rights, freedoms, and opportunities. But that being true, Its still right, biblical, and desirable for a woman to be a lady. The message of the song is don't sacrifice your virtue on the altar of liberty.

A girl found drunk by police
A new breed
Proverbs 31 in the bible speaks about a virtuous woman. God exalts her because she maintains her integrity, loves God and her family. The virtuous woman is not like what we see today; Hip Hop whores, women of the night and brawlers who have surrendered their dignity for pleasure. Our modern world celebrates woman's liberties, but remember, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

Girls fighting in the News

 I still remember old fashioned chivalry when men respected women, opened doors for them, and got up to let them sit. What has changed? Culture has downplayed the value of being a lady. Lionel Richie sang in the 70's, "you're once, twice, three time a lady". 

Women didn't use to yell in a crowd, get drunk, live loose and immoral, cuss or fight in a public place. Today videos of girl fights are popular entertainment. Women's dress, has lost the standard of biblical modesty. Its either compromise modesty or look rough and tumble like a construction worker.

rough and tumble
Everything goes wrong when Jesus is left out of our lives and culture. Women and men both find true peace, happiness, and satisfaction, when Jesus is accepted and declared Lord. God is still looking for women who will accept the challenge to be a "Virtuous Woman".