QueensLand, Australia...1-2012

Australia, and its flag
This was my first ever visit to the city of Brisbane, in the state of QueensLand. Its a beautiful city right along the coast. Pastor Peter & Kerri Field are building an exciting, faithful church here. Ps Field and his family have been friends to me for years, and each place he's pastored, God's favor has been on them. The church here is truly multi-cultural. I met folks from places I'd never heard of in the Pacific Islands. People from many backgrounds all lifting up Jesus.
Crowds gather for church
5 got saved 
The Field clan, all loving Jesus
One thing that stood out to me in Brisbane, was the visitors. Many kept saying it was their 1st time visiting the church. Others came by invitation of friends, but God set it all up, and we watched souls come to God each night. On the final night, Ps Field reported 20 filled with the Holy Ghost.
Sis Kerri and her disciples..Darcy under the wig
Hunger for Gods word
Bring all our issues to Jesus
As you can see from the pictures, the last day of revival, was also a national holiday, AUSTRALIA DAY. This would be like our 4th of July. Everyone came showing their patriotic side. We celebrated Jesus and Australia. It was such a refreshing atmosphere. I felt so good, I'm going to try and get back..same time next year.
Everyone celebrating Australia Day
Ps Field and I overlooking the city
Monique got saved and testified..no more smoking..Free
He led the church in the national anthem