Sacramento..California's Capital City

Sacramento is the capital city of California.  Herb Rubi has been pastoring a church here for a number of years now. Each time I visit to preach it's a good time in the gospel. This revival especially good because we had the Sunday night service in a local park. Visitors came out heard the gospel, and we saw a few in the services during the week. I was blessed with the quality of ministry in the church, and the vision the folks had to bring Christ to their community. Each of the services had a unique feel to it. There was joy, conviction, direction, hope and all the good things the gospel promises. Souls being saved is always the highlite.

I was blessed seeing the folks from Fairfeild come for a couple of the services also. The churches have a real heart to touch all of Northern California with the gospel. God is bringing people into the church from across the country to fulfill his plan for the city. As I spoke to people in the congregation, I could feel the faith that something is happening. This is what we prayed for years ago, for God to raise up local churches, with a heart to make a difference in their city. Sacramento is making it happen, one life at a time. Pray for California's capital city, as they turn to Jesus, may the entire state follow them into the presence of Jesus. Thanks to Sister Katrina for helping me with the photos.

this is how we praise him!!!!
sharing Jesus
praise him on the instruments
praise in the park
church in the park, Sunday PM

everybody on the altar
enter in with praises

Ready for God to move
Pastor Herb and Donna Rubi
Sacramento Church
Altar Call in the Park, amen souls saved